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Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills

Negotiating effectively, a core business skill

Effective negotiation is not a skill you are born with. It is a competence you can learn and develop by doing. That is why the focus in this training is active participation in very practical and recognisable exercises, cases and role-plays.

The training 'Negotiation skills' gives you a profound insight in the negotiation process. It gives you the necessary self-confidence and agility to conclude your deals successfully.


Everybody negotiates. Who will take the lead in this project? What price will be negotiated with this big client? How do we plan to collaborate with this new partner? How much will your fee amount to?

Each professional needs to negotiate regularly. Strong negotiation skills have become an increasingly important core competency if you want to be successful. As companies tend to work less and less hierarchically, decisions are often taken in larger meetings where consensus needs to be reached. In these situations, strong negotiation skills are crucial for success!


A. Strategic preparation

The basic characteristics of any negotiation

How to prepare for the negotiation process

Interests, positions and people

Structuring and analysing the negotiation process

B. Negotiating: a matter of style

The 'winning atmosphere' and how to create it

The qualities of a good negotiator

Analysing your own negotiation style

C. Winning techniques

Making the first move

How to slice, increase and bake the cake

Getting out of a stalemate

How to deal with tough opponents

D. The language of negotiations

The art of persuasion: seven ways of having it your way

The language of international negotiations

This training is highly interactive and contains numerous exercises and role-plays.

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