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Chinese Language

Yes you should learn Chinese - but why? Here you may find 6 good reasons why learning Chinese is important.

1. The World is Changing

You have heard it before - Globalisation, Outsourcing, Free Trade. The world is changing, even if the USA and the European Union continue as important actors and the world scene, the have to compete with other countries, mas of all - China. Since China has joined the WTO - it's growing economy, solid comercial balance and big foreign money reserves - interacting with China is more and more important - To the benefit to everybody. But how can you interact and do buisness with someone and in such a huge country like China if you don't even understand the language?

2. Because everybody does

Okay, to be honest - not everybody is learning Chinese (apparently it's not that easy ). But did you know, that the number of students learning Chinese is the fastest growing among all foreign languages? Quiet often demand in Chinese classes are higher that Chinese teachers available, because not only students, also many business(wo)men an employees start learning Chinese.

3. To maintain your competitiveness

In some years, many students will learn chinese, but nowadays, speaking chinese is an real advantage when it goes to find a job after earning your first university degree. If you learn chinese, you are different and you can benefit from many new opportunities - linked to the growing trade with China.

4. Manufacturing in China

China has more than 1.3 billion inhabitants, an unbelievable working force - with lower cost than in western europe and northern america. Even if China is home to millions of factories, creating goods for the whole world, many of these companies are managed by or in cooperation with foreingers. If you learn Chinese, you can faster cooperation between your local companies and chinese factories.

5. China can soon become the biggest consumer market in the world

China is not only the factory of the world, producing many of our daily goods, it's also an fast growing market with more than a billion consumers - foreign companies rush into the Chinese market it the hope of huge benefits. By creating one marketing campaign, you can reach more people than in any other country of the world. Todays China is very different from yesterdays China. As in any other country - the young generation want to have it's own MP3-Player, IPhone etc. This growing trade with Chinese makes it for foreign companies more and more important to have qualified employees, speaking chinese and able to comunicate with locals in China and abroad.

6. More than 1.3 billion people speak Chinese

If you learn Chinese, you can comunicate to more people than ever before. You can learn more about a fascinating culture - get in contact with people, make friends, create opportunities. Can you image a language that opens more doors than Chinese? We don't. Enjoy learning Chinese !

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