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English Listening

English Listening Lessons

Improve your listening skills with fun questions and answers.Instructions

Utilize free online resources, which both feature free lessons and activities to strengthen your listening skills. These sites offer exercises for diction, plus activities with radio programs, news programs, poetry and more.

Participate in tandem language exchanges by scheduling sessions in which half the time is spent with you assisting an English person in learning your language and the other half is spent with that person letting you practice your English. This method is a fun way to meet new people and practice with others that understand what it is like to learn a new language, and may thus tend to be more patient. You can find people interested in tandem language exchanges by reading the bulletin board at a local language school or community college or through online classifieds.

Listen to music in English, and then read the lyrics that go along with the song to see if you understood what you heard. Listen to the song again with the lyrics and read or sing along. It is important to first listen to the music without the lyrics to see how much you can understand without help.

Watch English movies without subtitles and try to follow along. Even if you do not understand each word, study the actors' body movements and verbal cues to figure out what is going on. Repeat the movie with the subtitles to see if you were correct in your comprehension. Remember, the subtitles generally do not match word-for-word, as they are designed to be read quickly, so use them as a way to understand what is happening within the scene and not as a perfect translation of what is being said.

Volunteer to speak with English-speaking tourists or find a position at a local tour company. This will allow you to practice your English listening skills on a regular basis with English speakers. The experience may be frustrating at first, but you will be immersed in an environment where you can quickly improve your English listening skills.

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