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Dutch Language

A Few Tips to Learn Dutch

The Dutch language is spoken by around 23 million people across the globe, especially in the areas of Netherlands, Surinam and Belgium. Thus it is the seventh most spoken language in all states of the European Union. However, its position is slightly lower if you consider the list of the most spoken languages in the world. Dutch also has the status of the official language in the country of Surinam and in some of the nations of the Caribbean Islands.

It is common belief that Dutch is very difficult. It simply isn't true as Dutch is scientifically proven to be the closest language to English and both languages share many words and grammar rules. It is also very similar to German, Swedish and Danish. If you are fluent in some of these languages, then you can quickly grasp the basic rules, and can learn how to speak Dutch basics in a fairly short time.

You can of course use the internet to aid you in mastering the language or you can enroll yourself in one of the widely available Dutch learning courses. Whichever way you choose, here are some tips that can make the learning process easier.

* Start learning Dutch by going through a list of words that are similar with some of the words in the English language. You might even be able to correctly guess the meanings of some of these.

* Listen to a few Dutch poems or songs to get a feel of the language. This will make you familiar with it, and learning will then be easier.

* There are many audio lessons that focus on teaching the Dutch language. If you listen to these, you would know the exact pronunciation, and then you can learn how to speak Dutch correctly.

* While you can always learn a language by yourself, a good idea is to do it with a friend. Once you know the basic words, you can converse with your friend in Dutch and can even play games to learn Dutch.

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