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Yoga Phenomenon - Getting the Most Out of Yoga

Ms. Pari Talati - Holistic Healings 4 U

Pari Talati - Past LifeRegression Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, Theta Practitioner, Inner Child Practitioner &Teacher, Radical Healer, Sound Healer, Reiki Healer, Fitness & ObesityConsultant, Pyravastu Consultant, Teacher of ancient yoga technique 3SRBMeditation, Tarot Card Reader & Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT).

These days our health is more important to us than ever. We are starting to realize though, that traditional medicine may not be the end-all answer. Many people are using Yoga to enrich their lives in several ways. After a stressful day of work, many Yoga practitioners say that doing Yoga helps them relax better than anything else they may have tried in the past. Despite popular belief there is more to Yoga than complicated and painful poses. Yoga can help its practitioners enrich their lives in several ways.

Yoga, as we know it now, came from the Hindu religion. The Hindu traditional elements of moral principles, postures and poses, meditation, and even spiritual philosophies can be found in modern Yoga.

Practitioners of Yoga claim that its teachings have improved their overall health and an overall sense of well-being and mental clarity. Yoga's teachings can even be found in other cultures. The Hindu religion uses Yoga as a sort of physical conduit of god; where as traditional Buddhists use Yoga as a tool in reflective and insightful meditation exercises. While Yoga's influence has crossed borders and oceans, Yoga itself is not a religion. Its practices, techniques and even some common spiritual connections have been used in many religious groups. Regardless of beliefs, one statement that is agreed upon is that Yoga can and does help its parishioners master their mind, body, and emotions.

In the past, the original Yoga teachings were only taught to dedicated students and instructors. In recent years, the techniques and teachings of Yoga can be found as close as your nearest local gym, many of whom offer traditional Yoga classes.

Yoga has been found to be helpful in both physical and emotional stress. Its many benefits and the ease of its practice are the reason that the "Yoga phenomenon" has stepped out of new-age bookstores and into living rooms all over India.

Mr Babu Rao : Black Belt 5th Dan in Kung-fu, 3rd Star in Tai-Chi

Often, when we only see our instructors in class, it's hard to really get to know them on a personal level. We learn that they're great fighters, that they're strong role models, disciplined and hardworking, but beyond that, Mr Babu Rao is virtually a life long martial artist. He has studied numerous fighting systems tutored by some of the most renowned martial artists, starting at an early age. He has earned countless titles throughout the country, combining constant study, work, and commitment to be one of the best.

Babu Rao continues to instruct his students on the seven traditional values: courage, justice, generosity, politeness, honor, honesty, and loyalty. In his class he sweats just as hard as his students. He believes each class is not just about training for fitness or self-defense, but about training for life.

A man with a fiery passion for martial arts, Babu Rao has passion that has led him into different fields of martial arts, and he has achieved much in almost every field he has explored. He strongly believes that Martial Arts is a vehicle for personal growth. He have been teaching martial arts to both children and adults for many years now..

Martial Arts Background

1988: Joined Karate

Learned Karate Katas (movements), Sparring,

1995: Achieved Black Belt

1995: Joined Kung-Fu

Learned: Katas, Animal Kung-Fu

Animal Styles:

Eagle, Snake, Monkey, Leopard, Tiger & Dragon

Weapon Styles:

3ft, 6ft & 9ft Stick, Knife, Dagger, Double Moon, Sun & Moon, Tomfa, long Chuk's Knife.

1999: Achieved Black Belt In Kung-Fu

2000: 1st Dan In kung-fu

2001: 2nd Dan In kung-fu

2003: 3rd Dan In kung-fu

2000: Started Learning Tai-Chi

Basic Exercise, Short Form, Long Form & Formations

2004: First Star in Tai-Chi

2005: Second Star in Tai-Chi

2006: Third Star in Tai-Chi

1999 - Present: Started as a trainer for Karate, Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi & Self Defense.

Achievements Track

1992: Won Gold Medal for sparring in state level championship.

1993: Okhinova Marital Arts 2nd Prize

1993: Won Gold Medal for katas in state level championship.

1994: Okhinova Martial Arts Katas Gold Medlist

1995: Okhinova Sparring State level Champion Ship Gold Medal

And Many more...


1998: Shotokan National Committee

2006 to Till Date : AP All Style Martial Joint Secretary (State Wide)

2007: International Committee Of Bodokan

2008: Asian Continental Bodokan

Head Coach

2008: Given Training For Vijayawada Police Department

2008: Given Training For Railway Athletes (Tai-Chi)

2008: Given Training For ARMY 125TA Battalion for the art of Kung-Fu

2009: Given Training For ADP India Corporation Ltd for the art of self defense

2009: Given Training For D & Shaw Company Ltd.

On Going Classes:

The Reqelford International School , Rampally.

St. Peters Model School, Nacharam.

St Anthony's High School, Himayat Nagar.

Kennedy High The Global School, Miyapur.

Guntur Vikas School, Miyapur.

Oasis School of Execllence, Shamshabad.

Open Classes for all in Sec'bad YMAC, Ecil X Roads, Uppal, Thirumalgiri & Lallapet.

National & International

International Organizing Secretary for all martial arts National Level Referee (1999-Present) at

Vizag, Bombay, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala & Karnataka. He is also organizing state level championship from 2004 till now.

Niskin Monks Kung-Fu Universe

Shaolin Tai-Chi Kung-Fu Academy

Contact :+91 98498 44231

Email :

Please visit :

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