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Inner Peace Life Coaching - Sajid Ahamed

Sajid Ahamed is "Certified trainer of NLP" and Founder of Inner Peace Life Coaching Pvt Ltd, India. He is a firm believer in high performance. He enjoys engaging in powerful conversations that lead to effective learning and results. He believe that to survive in today's competitive environments, leaders across the globe must be willing to...

Ho-o-ponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. Traditionally ho-o-ponopono is practiced by healing priests or Khuna among family members of a person who is physically ill. Modern versions are performed within the family by a family elder, or by the individual alone. "Ho-o-ponopono" is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as "mental cleansing", also defined as "to put to rights", to put things in order or place". In 1976 Morrnah Simeona began to modify the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation process of Ho-o-ponopono to include the realities of modern day. she describes problems only as the effects of negative Karma, saying that "you have to experience by yourself what you have done to others". Karmic bondages hinder the evolution of mind, so that "(karmic) cleansing is a requisite for the expansion of awareness.

Ho-o-ponopono is about looking within ourselves for debts, errors or blocks in our subconscious mind that replay as problems, judgments, putdowns and all kinds of other problems. It is believed that when we say sorry it is taking 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in our lives. Chanting mantras and asking for forgiveness is the way where we are accepting that the problem is within me and I would like the almighty to convert whatever that memory, debt, block, problem is to "nothing." and when The Divinity converts the block or memory to nothing, we return back to our original state, which is Zero or clarity. Only in the clarity state we can get inspiration and whatever is perfect for us. When we will look inside of ourselves, then only we be able to solve the world's problem.

When we do Ho-oponopono, We are actually asking the Divine to remove the faults from our subconscious mind and soul for we can see people being perfect. When we will bring peace to us then only we will be able to bring peace in the world. We need to work on the way we perceive people all around us on a daily basis.

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