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Panchkarma Holistic Healing - Body, Mind and Spirit Cleansing

Panchakarma Holistic Healing is a 5 days intense detoxification program where every negative trait is directed to a better life. It is a complete Body-Mind-Spirit cleansing and re-chanellising technique program.

“Stress” is the culprit in today’s most fast moving time. Stress creates chaos in a person, resulting in behavioural disorders. To de-stress oneself, one should undergo the Panchakarma Holistic Healing detoxification program.

It is advised not to neglect above-mentioned stress factors, as because if they are carried for long period of time, then it results in serious physical dis-orders.

Usually stress if not eliminated early then by nature it starts depositing in the various organs and parts of the body. It settles in most vital organs like liver, breast, pancreas, Reproductive organs etc. in form of diseases.

Once the stress factors are flushed out and new desired programming is installed in the memory, a new pattern starts governing one’s life in a complete new direction with fresh outlook and confident approach. For all this the old pattern has to be dissolved and it is possible only through “Panchakarma detoxification Program”.

Comforts indicate that a person is in harmonious relationship to his environment, discomfort indicates that some kind of disharmony has arisen.

So therefore! Do not wait and do not push too far, wake-up before Stress responses turn on our bodies and begin to create havoc both mentally and physically.

“ Panchakarma Holistic Healing Detoxification Program “

Panchkarma stages:
5 Days in 8 Stages – 2 Hours per day –

1st Day:
a) Thorough education on 7 major Chakras
b) Thorough education on 7 layers of Aura, their effect and function in one’s body and life.
c) Chakras Cleansing – Special effect with ‘ Naval ‘ cleansing

2nd Day: a) Chakras energizing with respective colors of each Chakras along with the Cosmic rays of VIBGYOR
b) Chakras empowering - Special effects with “Brahma Nada” Here Brahma Nada is infused with the respective “beej” sound of each Chakras, ‘very profound’.

3rd Day:
a) Present Life Regression

4th Day:
a) Angel Healing and
b) Crystal Therapy

5th Day: a) Past Life Regression and
b) Progression


  • 1. Clarity of mind.
  • 2. Peaceful and harmonious approach.
  • 3. Pleasant personality.
  • 4. Luck and fortune always.
  • 5. Unbound success.
  • 6. Tranquil environment.
  • 7. Eye catching persona.
  • 8. Sound Health.
  • 9. Glowing face.
  • 10. Young Looks.
  • 11. Perfect synchronicity with the ultimate wisdom.
  • 12. Positive approach towards failures.

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