Sleep Disorders

Anybody who suffers from sleep disorders can count a couple of responses regarding this ailment. He might sound restless and irritated. He might even reveal the problems he faces due to the erratic sleeping patterns. Wake him anytime and what he wants more is just sleep. Mood swings and short tempered attitude are one of the most common signs of someone who suffers from sleep disorders. But if your craving to fight these disturbances and sleep peaceful, this page is just meant for you.

One such ailment, which nabs everyone of us, at one stage or the other, is insomnia. It might be caused due to several reasons like depression, tension regarding job, family life, and sudden changes in the financial budgeting, lack of opportunities, pressure of performance, fear etc. Thus, with so many stupendous burdens agonizing everyone, the need of proper sleep and rest takes a backseat.

This is the reason why people who have been missing a good night's sleep, find themselves feeling tired, irritated and left without any energy. Soon, they reach a stage when they would do almost anything for a sleep without any disturbance.

In the same manner, insomnia can be turned into chronic insomnia, if it happens to be continuous for more than three weeks. This can be caused due to stress, anxiety, and even chronic pain, which doesn't allow you to sleep easily. Chronic insomnia has to be treated through medical treatments, as soon as possible, because it is a symptom of even more grave ailments.

If you happen to find yourself waking up gasping for air, you might be suffering from a disorder known as sleep apnea. This happens when your air passage is obstructed, which does not allow oxygen to freely flow in, during your asleep. This can be caused by the constriction of tonsils, adenoids and muscles.

Sleep apnea makes sure that your breath is cut off suddenly, due to which you wake up gasping for breath. It's very difficult to get back to normal sleep after this sudden jolt as it literally disturbs and shocks you. Thus, it turns out to be one of the most tiring effects of sleep apnea.

Another syndrome is the restless legs syndrome. In this, you happen to go to sleep and your legs suddenly jerk themselves and wake you up. This is more common in children and grown-ups. In the same manner, you might feel some sort of unpleasant sensations and tingling in your legs, which makes you want to move your legs, to get rid of that unpleasant feeling. In serious cases, you might not be able to fall back to sleep.

Sleep disorders are very common in children and teenagers. This is because they find it very difficult to go to sleep, as they are overtired, after being completely physically and emotionally exhausted, after the day. Their biological biorhythms, which are inherent, are quite delayed, making them resist sleep at a regular bedtime. For them, it is just 10 o'clock when it is actually one o'clock.

The more one grows older, the more time he spends being awake. In the same manner, older people begin to suffer more from insomnia, because the erratic biological patterns of the bodies, which change with time. Due to this, they don't find any difficulty in going to bed, early in the evening and waking up early in the morning.

However, you should know exactly when to consult a doctor because of your fears of insomnia. If, you have not been sleeping regularly and keep awake for some time, suddenly without any rhyme or reason, it is time for you to consult a doctor. He's then going to diagnose the possible reasons for your problem and give you proper medications or behavioral treatments. These would assure that your symptoms do not get changed into chronic form.

The treatment of insomnia is quite difficult to diagnose, because one of the inconsistency in sleeping times, which is followed by fatigue. Some patients might even tell the doctor that they happen to be extremely tired - dead tired- in an exaggerated manner, even when they happen to be just ordinary tired. Other patients would not like to make a fuss, and even when they happen to be completely exhausted, they would not reveal the doctor that. That is the reason why there is a difference between what you think is insomnia and what you consider it to be So, before consulting the doctor, try tracking down your sleep patterns. You can note down details like the number of times you woke up and the various reasons for each wake up call.

You can mention whether you woke up grasping for breath, or due to the peevish sensation or due to the tingling sensation in your legs. At the same time, let your doctor know if you take any medications like blood pressure medicines, anti depressants, corticosteroids etc.

In a nutshell, the more you aggravate the symptoms of sleep disorders, the more trepidation nabs you. It's possible to cure these disorders if the panic button is pressed at the right time.

Holistic Healing Centre, Mysore

Surekha Almelkar

Surekhaji is a practitioner of Pranic Healing or Energy Healing - a complementary therapy, using Prana or Energy to heal the body and mind. This is a unique form of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's healing called - 'No, Touch. No, Drugs Therapy' - that has no any side-effects. She uses Pranic Healing to complement medical treatment in challenging health spaces and improving one's quality of life. Surekhaji has worked in the field of Pranic Healing for several years and she now conducts workshops and training programs on subjects like stress management.

Surekhaji started practicing Pranic Healing since 1996 and since then has completed advanced courses in Psychotherapy, Crystal therapy etc. She has also worked as Pranic Healer for 5 years at Ramaiah Hospital, Mysore.

Holistic Healing Centre was founded by Surekhaji in 2006 and over the years has treated hundreds of people. Through Holistic Healing, Surekhaji and her team of trained healers have cured people of physical ailments like blood pressure, spinal injuries, migraine, menopause, infertility etc. They have also treated a range of psychological issues like anxiety, acute depression, loss of appetite and even suicidal tendencies.

Besides curing people common ailments, Surekhaji has been very successful in resolving marital and relationship problems. Many couples on the verge of separation have benefitted from Surekhaji's counselling and are now living happily together.

In several instances, she has helped people living in houses and offices with wrong Vaastu to overcome the negative energies with her unique methods that does not need demolitions or reconstructions of any kind.

Over the years Surekhaji has helped people not just in Mysore or India but from places as far as the United States, United Kingdom, China and South East Asia. She uses a technique called 'Distance Healing' where treatment is carried without the physical presence of patient. Only a photograph of person is needed to initiate the healing process.

She was awarded by Institute of Inner Studies INC. for exceptional contribution, dedication and devotion to Pranic Healing.

Following are her focus areas:

1 Marital discord

2 Relationship Issues

3 Stress disorders in children

4 Depression

5 Relationship issues between parents and children

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