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Priya Alti

Priya Alti

Access Bars & Body Process Facilitator and a Body & Mind therapist

In-person and online distant sessions.

Access Consciousness Classes in Bangalore and rest of the India.

Sessions for:

  • Depression, stress Issues,
  • Health issues (cancer, body regeneration, aches, pains, genetic health issues)
  • Relationship issues
  • Work issues
  • For higher EQ and IQ
  • Emotional issues
  • Animal healing

Access Consciousness Classes Offered

Access Bars:

Access bars is the simplest way to let go of your restrictive thoughts, points of view, in 32 different areas e.g control, healing, joy, sadness, money, body etc. When you let go of these thoughts, it opens never before possibilities in your life.

Access Body Processes:

Access body processes unlock almost anyway body is malfunctioning. E.g for building immunity of the body, getting the body out of a disease, disability, pain and many more amazing things. These have created amazing results when used on animals.

Access Facelift:

Reverse aging in the body. Learn this amazing energetic process to undo aging in the body.

Relationship issues, Money class.

Call:+91 99005 81075

Email :

Some stories from the sessions

  • Pancreatic enlargement, which was due for a biopsy and surgery disappeared in 7~8 days. Along with the pain and other symptoms.
  • A 14 yr old girl, who had epilepsy from the age of ~10. Received session for a week and got free of it.
  • Depressions vanished in one session.
  • 4th Stage rare cancer case made a remarkable recovery.
  • Blood pressure dropped to normal levels.
  • Cholesterol level became normal.
  • Relationship issues resolved and husband-wife-child relationship improved.
  • Extreme anxiety and sadness due to separation and break up eased out.
  • Work and career related clarity create ease for some.
  • Menstrual problems vanished.
  • Bed ridden stroke patient stood up.
  • Stress vanished and work relationship improved.
  • Anger and other distracting emotions disappeared got replaced by peace and calmness
  • IQ and EQ improved in a10 yr old

Call:+91 99005 81075

Email :

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