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Gemstones for enhancement of Benefits

Dr. Geettanjali V. Saxenaa.

Past life Regression Trainer, Family Constellation Trainer, Theta Healing Trainer, Inner Child Work, Angel Therapist, Reiki healer, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Graphology, Tarot card reader & Astrologer

Ms. Kirti Kanodia

Kirti Kanodia is a certified Theta Healer, Trained Family Constellation Facilitator, Tarot card Reader, Past life Regression Therapist, Angel card reader, Inner child integration, Vedic Astrologer, Tasso Therapist and Reiki Master.

Krish Consultations - Ms. Poonam Sharma

Poonam Sharma is widely known for offering superior standard and precise services. Based in Chandigarh, she runs a Wellness Centre called Krish Consultations. The Centre is widely visited by a broad clientele within and across the nation.

The Cosmic Healing - Ms. Shubhra Jain

Shubhra Jain a skilled software engineer and a passionate practitioner of arcane healing arts such as Tarot, Past Life Regression, and more. In order to resolve her own blocked Throat Chakra, she learnt Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing in addition to Reiki. Now she helps her clients to unblock their chakras this technique. Shubhra is also a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and helps her clients to uncover hidden issues using Womb regression, Age Regression, Breath-Work and Inner Child Work.

Ms. Dishaa

As so rightly affirmed by Reiki Grandmaster Dishaa, a young and dynamic lady, an M.B.A turned natural healing expert from Chandigarh (India) for whom life has always been a 'Love for the Moment' which is beautiful yet compassionate...

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