Navigating Life's Challenges

"Keeping life's basics in mind helps us to steer in the right direction, even when the going gets tough. Use these life's basics to navigate life's challenges . . .

Whenever I hear a parent say to their child, "You are stupid” (useless, etc), I cringe. Judging a person's character rather than their behaviour is the surest way to encourage self loathing and low self esteem. This is especially true for children and teenagers....

Dr. Seema Madan

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Dr. Seema is a postgraduate medical doctor, life coach... read more

Acharya V Venkat

Grief & Loss

Academy of Human Excellence: Mental Health Wellness Centre & ... read more

Amanpreet Nagpal

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Amanpreet Nagpal is an efficient, conscientious and ... read more

Kirti Kanodia

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Counselor for depression, anxiety, relationships, personal ... read more

Shyam Kalle

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Life Coach, certified by ICF, and certified NLP Master ... read more

Is Stress Making You Fat

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Along with what we eat, could stress also be a key reason why that ... read more


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The connection between insomnia and multiple somatic diseases is. ... read more


About Life Issues

Feeling angry is a normal part of life. Usually anger is a result of ... read more

Family Conflict

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Family conflict occurs when there are incompatible demands ... read more

Am I Obsessed with My..

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Every time I look in the mirror, I think that I see an obese ... read more

Sex Addiction

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A person addicted to sex is consumed with thoughts of sexual ... read more

Coping with grief and loss

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Grief is a human response to significant personal change or loss such ... read more

Children and Stress

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Often a child appears to be very grown up and able to handle ... read more

Divorced Parent guilt

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Does every bad or upsetting thing or every mood your child or ... read more

EGO in Relationships

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The ego is the principal driving force in our relationships and ... read more

What is Bipolar Disorder?

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Bipolar disorder is sometimes called bipolar affective disorder.... read more


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If you think that someone you love is addicted to drugs, it's... read more


About Life Issues

Most people who develop bipolar disorder will have experienced some ... read more

Learning Disability

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It limits the brain's ability to store, process and produce ... read more

Alzheimer & Dementia

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Every person is unique and dementia affects people differently ... read more

Aging Well

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Most experts agree that the notion of aging is, first and ... read more

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