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Heart Diseases

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Ms. Mukta Rastogi

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Heart Attack

Each of the disease associated with heart problems is different from each other. Heart problems are symptomatic in nature. They differ from person to person, depending on the severity of your heart condition. It is advised that each and every person should be able to recognize one's symptoms without ignoring. Go to cardiologist immediately, if you see these symptoms for quite some time or you get this uncomfortable feeling.

Coronary Artery illness:

The commonest illness amongst these is the Angina pain. It is basically an uncomfortable feeling in your chest. The symptoms associated with these could be feeling of heaviness in the chest, pressure shooting up, pain in the chest, feeling of burning and acidity in the chest. Normally, people mistake this angina pain for a gas related problem or indigestion problem. This normally occurs in the chest area, it could also extend to one's shoulders, upper part of the body including one's neck, throat or jaw.

Other symptomatic conditions could be:

Finding it difficult to breathe

Feeling of giddiness

Feeling to vomit

Excessive perspiration

Heart beating faster than usual

High pulse rate

Heart Attack ( myocardial infarction )

This is also symptomatic. These symptoms are somewhat similar to that of an angina pain. It could be :

Difficulty in breathing

Giddiness or drowsiness

Nausea feeling

Sweating profusely

High pulse rate

Extreme fatigue

People suffering from Diabetes are at a greater risk of a silent heart attack or a myocardial infarction. If your feel you are experiencing all the symptoms of a heart attack, rush to your cardiologist immediately or any doctor in the nearby vicinity. This would help in reducing further damage to your heart. Normally, when a person experiences a heart attack, the symptoms exist for about half an hour. In case one does not find relief in oral medications, then it is advised that you rush to your cardiologist immediately. The initial symptoms could be a feeling of discomfort which becomes a throbbing and unbearable pain.


Symptoms would include:

Palpitations, heart beats faster

Hammering heart

Feeling of giddiness


Not able to breathe properly

Strange feeling of tiredness

Atrial Fibrillation

This is also somewhat like Arrhythmia. People would experience symptoms like:




Inability to breathe

Some people do not experience any symptoms absolutely. These attacks could also be briefer and and not for a very long time.

Heart Valve Disease:

Symptoms include:

Not able to breathe properly or feeling of breathlessness


Feeling of vomiting


Chest pain

Bloated feeling in the abdomen in case of heart failure

Puffiness of ankles, arms and legs

Bloated feeling in the stomach, around the belly

There could also be other symptoms like a quick gain in the weight of a person. Anyways, it has been proved that it is always better to be lighter because the excess weight gained in one's body is the main cause behind a heart attack. The heart is not able to bear the excess weight.

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