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Merkaba Healing

Merkaba Healing

A merkaba is a star tetrahedron, a three dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and the other pointing down. The star of David is a two dimensional version of a merkaba. It is made up of 2 triangular pyramids, one pointing up and one pointing down. The pyramid that points up is the male pyramid and the one that which points down is the female pyramid.

The pyramid pointing upwards connects us to heavenly universal energy and the pyramid pointing downward connects to the earth.

Mer means light, Ka means spirit, Ba means body.

In fact the Merkaba is the structure of spinning light which allows for the incarnation of the light body

It is a most accurate representations humanity has of Divine energy.

It is the infinite circulating flow of the divine trinity.

The Merkaba is a spinning structure of light similar to the chakras. The difference is that Merkaba is much larger, encompassing the entire body. In short we can say, we are inside the merkaba

It is actually symbolic of a great energy field surrounding our body beyond our auric field.

The Merkaba is alive, it is a living field, not a purely mechanical field of energy. Because it is a living field, it responds to human thought and feeling, which is the way to connect to the field. So the ‘computer’ that guides the Merkaba is the human mind and heart. The possibilities are endless.

In ancient Egypt the word Merkaba referred to a rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.

In Hebrew it means chariot of God.

In the bible it is the way Ezekiel ascended into Heaven.

The Star Tetrahedral form of the Merkaba is an immense science that is being studied everywhere throughout the world.

Your merkaba is in constant communication and connection with all of Source.

Merkaba can break the long long suffering of years

Merkaba helps you in learning life lessons faster thereby clearing karma faster.

Merkaba is a high protection energy field and gives you protection from all dark energies.

Merkaba helps you in learning life lessons faster.

Merkaba brings a change in belief system

Merkaba helps in reducing Karma

Merkaba Increases intuition

Merkaba helps in clearing heripatts

Merkaba brings in positivity and stabilizes it.

Merkaba heals our body on physical, mental and spiritual level

Merkaba clears blockages in chakras and activates chakras.

Merkaba reduces Anger

Merkaba brings in confidence, peace, happiness and much much more

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