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Divine Light Healing & Training Centre

Divine Light Healing & Training Centre - Ms. Asha A Doshi

Asha A Doshi is the founder and sole creator of a platform "Divine Light Healing & Training Centre" for all the light workers to come together and explore spirituality. Born with intuitive gifts of healing and teaching, she has spent her life learning, practicing, teaching and integrating diverse arts of making life a beautiful journey. With her strong assorted education and experience she is continuously helping others rejuvenate their lives with her transformational healing therapies.

Asha a graduate with L.L.B degree, striving to discover life and her true self kept exploring and learning different skills since early age. She has spent the past two decades learning, training and developing her innate skills. She is an aestetician certified Beauty Therapist, Bridal Specialist and Aroma Therapist (CIDESCO Switzerland certified) with more than 20 years of experience in a holistic beauty treatment approach. With an inclination towards beauty and harmony she is also an accomplished certified interior decorator.

Exploring the areas of yoga, health and beauty she began her journey with light and spiritual healing by qualifying herself as Reiki Healer, Crystal Healer, and Angel Card Reader. With almost 16 years of experience and practice with light work, she is now a successful Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Master and Angel Teacher (Diana Cooper Foundation School London) and Munay-Ki Teacher.( The Four Winds Society)

Taking her integrated approach to advance holistic approach, she now practices as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. (CHII). She specializes in Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Healing with Angels, Healing with Affirmations, Distance Healing, Psychic Cord Cutting using Reiki, Angels, or Hypnotherapy, Angel Card Reading, Psychic reading and Mediumship, Connecting and communicating with Angels, Ascended masters and Departed loved ones. Rythematic Relaxation Therapy, Subconscious Mind Talk, and Higher Self therapy.

She also practices Shamanism, Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Access Consciousness Bars and Access Consciousness Talk to Entities, Spirit Releasing, Ascension, Life Plan, Life between Lives therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Meditation Techniques, Yoga, Aroma Therapy, Astrology, Numerology and many more similar healing therapies.

In 20 years of her journey with her understanding of feelings, emotion and intuitive awareness, She has transformed many lives. She honours and supports individuals on their own exclusive road to completeness. She has devoted her life to training, guiding, counselling the puzzled souls towards light. With the platform of Divine Light Healers, Asha facilitates workshops and training programs into Reiki, Crystal and Angel healing and card reading. She has certified many people into these therapies providing the community with qualified professionals in the healing arts.

She is currently practicing in Aurangabad where she offers workshops and individual healing sessions bestowing a centre on self-exploration, actualization and integration into what has meaning and purpose in one's life.

She also conducts spiritual and wellness rejuvenation retreats across India to rejuvenate mind body and spirit, guiding seekers to live a healthy and spiritual lifestyle during 3 to 7 days of wellness retreats.

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