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Energetic Medicine Therapy

Have you ever felt lack of energy and wonder everything is fine then why am I feeling energy les what is the disconnection, Energy as it is defined is the strength and vitality required for Physical and Mental activity.

Lets look at simple physics, A glass of water ( Liquid form) heated at 100 degrees Celsius turns into vapour form, to change from one state to other state energy is required, like wise for any Physical activity or Mental activity energy is required.

Einstein - "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another."

If Energy can only be changed from one form to another then let's look from a point of Physical health and Mental Health and how Bio-energetic Therapy can help in resolving and understanding the Physical Health issues and Mental Health issues.

If there is a energetic imbalance and disharmony due to aggressions in the internal sources and external sources which results in Physical illness.

An example of pain, what is pain, an accumulation of Energy, what is this energy, an accumulation of thought energy to Emotions to Energetic body to physical body.

Eg: Lets take a simple case of Ram, Ram has to travel to Kanpur for a very important meeting and he cannot miss it, he booked his tickets, everything is arranged and the flight is at 2.00pm and he went to office as planned started 3 hrs before and he's happy that everything is going smoothly, on the way to airport he gets stuck in traffic and ther's a traffic jam unfortunate for him nw as the time is passing Ram got a thought what if I miss the flight, the thought gets to emotion he starts feeling worried, tensed, his palms are sweaty, he starts getting irritated, anxious and has palpitations in stomach .What has happened to Ram he was normal but a Thought energy got converted into physical discomfort.

If we look at any Mental or Physical illness they are energetic imbalance in the Mind and Body. If the balance is restored in the energy fields, resolve and regulate any blockages in the systems the functioning of the Physical and Mental bodies are restored to normal.

As a Complementary medicine, Bioenergetics Therapy helps one to restore and balance Mind & Body. A Bioenergetician helps to analyze, repair , restore and regulate the deepest origin of the disorder.

ACMOS System:

ACMOS, an acronym for the Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy, views the human organism as a combination of energetic systems.. ACMOS Equipment The ACMOS Lecher Antenna

Dr Rene Naccachian invented the basis of the ACMOS method in 1975. An engineer by profession, His interest in Bioenergetics, the study of the human energy fields, and natural healing. He completed his training in acupuncture, and Molecular Biology in 1978.

An integral part of the ACMOS method is the ACMOS Lecher Antenna (ALA). This hand-held instrument was invented in the early part of the present century by the German physicist, Ernst Lecher, and was used to measure the Earth's magnetic field. Described as "possibly science's best kept secret", Dr Naccachian re-developed the Lecher Antenna in the 1970s and incorporated it into the ACMOS method, to tune into and measure the subtle energy fields around the body.

ACMOS method helps in repairing and rebuilding the foundations of the house; its techniques identify and regulate the deepest origin of a disorder, the energy reserves within each cell.

Therapeutic Approach.

ACMOS method is designed to identify ,regulate and resolve the effect that modern 21st century living has on the human organism. ACMOS, therefore, combines ancient knowledge of meridians and acupuncture points with quantum physics and modern technology. The strength of the ACMOS method lies in the scientific validation of the subtle energy within the human organism and his or her environment

The ACMOS Lecher Antenna is able to tune into individual frequencies in this mass ocean of energy and relate them to the human organism by determining which wavelengths are beneficial to the human organism. These wavelengths are measured in nanometres, represented by one metre divided by one billion.

The ACMOS method empathizes on the effect the environment has on a person's Mind & Body. The body's energetic systems are disturbed by external aggressions such as Stress,Negative Emotions, Geopathic stress, Electromagnetic pollution, mobile phones.

The Energy centres or Chakras ( Indian system) vortexes of energy on the body can be analysed using the antenna and blockages regulated, as their vibrational frequencies have been discovered and can be measured with the Acmos Lecher Antenna.

The energy fields around the body consists of a deep magnetic field whose vibrational frequency related to the major organs in Chinese medicine (lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney), and an electric field, which related to the surface organs (large intestine, small intestine, stomach, gallbladder and bladder). These two fields combine to form the "Electro-magnetic fields" around the body.

The deep magnetic field is the most important as it is here that deep imbalances can be identified, its position in the body can be a good indication of a person's health or ill health. Both fields can be described as oval structures, with an axis that should be aligned perfectly down the centre of the forehead and body if one is to enjoy perfect health. How far this field is out of alignment is a reflection of how chronic an illness is. There is also a psychological field that reflects our capacity for thought management, this is situated at the side of our body. A depressed person will often have their field displaced behind them, whereas an excitable person may have it in front.

We are rather like cells in a larger circuit, universal energy enters at the crown chakra and earth energies enter below the feet, with the chakras representing terminals for these beneficial energies to circulate through our bodies and light up every cell. If one of these various connections is blocked, it affects the homeostasis of the entire human organism. For one to be in perfect balance, all the chakras must be open. When we become disconnected or blocked, we begin to lose our vitality and animating life force until we are so out of balance that we are affected on a physical, emotional and psychological level. When clients have their energy fields rebalanced, they often look younger, healthier and much more alive.

ACMOS treatments are designed to restore the capacity of the body to self-heal and regulate itself. The Bioenergetician firstly takes a reading of the energy fields, using the antenna to locate the origin of any imbalance. Once this has been located the Antenna is used to identify the correct path to restore balance.

ACMOS incorporates a variety of methods and applications to balance the Integration between the Mind & Body. Each missing link in the body's energy reserves is presented to the energy field in order to identify the one the body selects for rebalance. A Bioenergetician checks on thirteen different levels to detect possible imbalances, which include hormonal imbalances, Geopathic stress, psychological factors and nutritional deficiencies.The "Biofeedback Energy Tester" which measures the centripetal energy, or latent energy reserves, in every organ in the body. If there is an imbalance the correct acupuncture points can be found to balance the body.

In today's Modern lifestyle where stress has become a part of life and with psychosomatic disorders, depressions, personality disorders, relationship issues, Anger, frustrations and major Health issues like Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Thyroid, and more an Integrated complementary approach of Science, Modern techniques & Spiritual approaches are required along with the conventional medicine to help individuals and family to lead a healthy and happy life.

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