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The Gaiadon Heart

A revolutionary, Life Changing and Unique Spiritual Modality to Activate one's Light Body and experience total Physical and Spiritual Transformation, Physical & Multi-Dimensional Health, Abundance, Peace & Joy in one's life !!


We are now completing our 26000 year Grand Cycle of the Equinoxes, thus opening up a portal of change to seek the next Divine concept of life. This new concept of life is a higher vibration of love through light and will indeed bring us closer to the Divine Goddess-God vibration of All There Is. As we begin experiencing this increased vibration our cellular structure is activated to ignite its natural metamorphic change to create the next body of eternal life experience. That body is known as the Adam Qadmon light body. As it manifests within us, our ability to attract and understand the higher concept of wisdom and knowledge automatically gives us the ongoing tools for ascending back to Source. We are creating our own future moments continually. Now, the time has come for us to embrace the higher vibration of this Adam Qadmon light body, known as the Gaiadon Light Body.

The Gaiadon Heart is a crystalline pathway to awaken your divine consciousness. The Gaiadon Heart is the Heart of Gaia (Mother Earth) and the Heart of Adonai (Father God).

The combination of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine gives rise to the new consciousness known as the Gaiadon Heart. Today the human race is awakening to a new spirituality and many are becoming aware of the fact that they all have the potential to become divine. In the quest for spirituality, one seeks the true power within and in this seeking, one becomes aware of one's light body.


Gaia is the sacred name of the Divine Mother, personified as the New Earth Star that we are co-creating within the third dimension. Gaia exists in the 5th dimension as a brilliant star of great beauty, and peace, and love and joy. As we move towards the culmination of our ascension process, we are ready to awaken the Great Earth Mother, Gaia to her fullest potential and glory.

'Adon' is Adonai, which also means 'God' or 'Lord of Light' in Hebrew. The Gaiadon holds within its name vibration the combined, balanced female-male, Goddess-God vibration. As the gentle energy is encoded within your cells, you also feel the power of the Ultimate Feminine Essence, the Mother completely balanced with the Ultimate Masculine Essence, the Father within your being.


The Gaiadon Heart is the Crytalline Divine Consciousness which results from the alignment of Gaia and Adonai, and it represents the re-turn to your Original state of perfection, innocence, purity and divinity. This assists in raising the consciousness of the human race to the same state through the evolution of all those who committ themselves in service to the spiritual awakening of the whole human race.


Our Light body is our Divine Consciousness, and in its subtlest state, manifests as a field of light around and through the physical body.

Activating our light body will open our awareness of the potential of the Human to become Divine. This is the very purpose of our creation and existence. As we evolve spiritually, our light body takes on a beautiful holographic structure that is the complete blueprint of our soul, ascending to merge with our Divine Self.

In its simplest state it begins as a Flower of Love Pattern, a complete matrix of our genetic potential. The petals represent the DNA strands that when activated, re-form to their perfected state instantaneously.

In the discoveries made in the new quantum science, the DNA is seen to hold the complete information of our very nature, our consciousness and of creation itself.

The Flower of Love pattern is our blueprint of creation and it is seen everywhere in nature and in many sacred sites. It is a very ancient symbol which represents the perfect single cell as well as the universe.

All sacred geometrical patterns, including the Platonic Solids are contained within this sacred Flower of Love Pattern. This Flower of Love Pattern is also known as the Hologram of Love.

The Holographic nature of our Light body structure is understood by the capacity of this Hologram of Love to be infinite in its quality. It is whole and complete in its own form and it completely demonstrates the holographic concept that the whole contains the information and energy of all the parts and the parts contain the information and energy of the whole.

Our Light Body is therefore, in its perfected state in the image of a dynamic, and activated Flower of Love Pattern known as the Hologram of Love.

Knowing that the Universe is such a dynamic hologram in which the parts are interconnected with each other, the Light body can be seen also as a holomatrix which is a matrix of multiple smaller holograms of love. Using this Holomatrix of Love form as the basic light body structure, the Gaiadon Heart offers a spiritual experience of moving deeper into the Self, to a total realization of each one's innate divinity.

In this inner journey, the light body activations balance and heal the physical body and also the mental and emotional body, and other states where there may be any imbalances due to a separation from the divine connection.

The light body activations also take one into ancient wisdom sources as we connect with many advanced civilizations of the past and draw the wisdom from the sacred scriptures of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, India, the Maya etc.

This journey allows the spiritual seeker to re-turn to the Original state of perfection, innocence, purity and divinity. This assists in raising the consciousness of the human race to the same state through the evolution of all those who commit themselves in service to the spiritual awakening of the whole human race.

You totally experience Unity Consciousness as your Light Body Holomatrix, the holographic multiple flower of love pattern radiates the unity within all of creation. Through the virtual experience of this inner journey of exploration, with sound, light, colour activations, you totally become One with your Higher Self, your I AM, and your Goddess-God Self.

Ms. Saranya Zaveri - Channel and Originator - The Gaiadon Heart
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