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The Mounts involves the developed and fleshy part of the inner hand. These areas are usually given names that resemble the planets. They are used to interpret the kind of physical and mental traits that a person may have.

In order for the hand to coordinate its movements with the rest of the body, the brain has to be involved. There are people who have been trained to study a person just by looking at their hands. After studying the protrusions, they are able to describe a person.

When someone looks at their hand from an eye level it becomes easy for them to see the mentioned areas. These parts are known to offer padding to the rest of the hand. The biggest location is the on that is most prevalent in someone’s life. Those with a big Jupiter area have positions of leadership. Their trigger finger is often used in their favor. It is possible for them to be tyrannical and dictatorial towards others. Each of these sections has its own role in the study of an individual. Someone has to determine if the part of the hand they are studying is strong. Those with a strong Sun are able to enjoy fame and status in their society. They are also known to be strong personalities. Such people have the ability to succeed in a number of fields without any struggle.

If the Moon is well developed the person enjoys a good imagination and artistic ability. These features make them masters in writing so they tend to become artists, designers or writers. Those with a strong Mars are inclined to join the defense system. People who fall under this category will not hesitate to get into a fight or shed blood. Mercurial personalities succeed in science, oratory and commerce.

There are people who find themselves with flattened pads. If the area is sunken the person may have a tendency of feeling limited in certain areas of their life. Those who have the moon section sunken rarely have any interest in their imagination or day dreaming. With time, a person may notice that the appearance of the protrusions changes with inclinations that they experience at a particular time.

When a person gets an injury or wart it may be an indication of what they are going through in life. The position of the wound or wart can be used to interpret the situation at hand. There are times when someone may not be very imaginative because they have cut themselves across the Moon section.

Palmistry – The Mounts involves the study of all the protrusions on the inner hand. Someone will be able to determine which area is predominant in a person’s life by comparing it with that of others. After they have done so, they still need to identify the center of the protrusion. The kind of interpretation they will come to is dependent on the location of the mould. If it is close to the finger it means that it will be strongly displayed by the person.

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