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The benefits and the joy of waking up early

1. The Beauty of Morning

If you wake up early, you can enjoy the whole morning, its beauty and its grace. The sunrise, the chirping of the birds, the beautiful sky, the cool breeze in the air, the sweet fragrance of the flowers, the serenity of nature - yes, the morning is tremendously beautiful. The morning also has great significance. It's a new beginning. It's the start, the dawn of the day - a day which can bring immense pleasure to you, and opportunities to be happier, more creative and aware than yesterday. So, only if you wake up early can you enjoy these beautiful moments that will not only make you feel better but will also motivate you to do something creative.

2. Creativity & Productivity

By waking up early you can achieve creativity and productivity more effectively and efficiently by planning the day with your best planning. The morning is the best time to start something new and fresh. The morning is full of a different kind of aroma and a freshness that can inspire you to do something with energy and joy. In the night, you are already tired from all the activities of the day, so your body and mind is worn out, and you just don't have that zeal and energy that you have in the morning. Night is meant for you to relax and rest. Like its mentioned in the first part, in the peacefulness and darkness of the night, not only is your body at rest but there are many activities occurring inside to revitalize your mind and body. So if you can afford to go to bed early, it is not a good idea to stay up unnecessarily late in the night, and put too much pressure on your body. It is not beneficial to go against nature's wish anyway.

3. Meditation & Yoga

Morning is the perfect time for meditation, yoga and exercise. The air is fresh and full of spiritual energy and there is peace and quiet in the atmosphere. Hence it is the best time to meditate as you won't be disturbed by the noise of the day. In addition, you have not accumulated the worries, tensions and stresses of the day, so your mind is not filled with as many thoughts. Since your stomach is quite empty it is the best time to practice various yoga postures as well. Also, if you wake up early, you have plenty of time to go for a walk, jog, run, or work out in the gym.

4. Be Stress free

Yes, your life can be much less hectic if you wake up early. Why - because you will have the whole morning to do so many activities that have been pushed on throughout the daytime. By waking up late not only do you miss the whole morning but also you lose your precious time to catch up on things that you have always wanted or are required to do. Moreover, you can get finish a lot in the morning quickly and hassle free. You don't have to worry much about the hustle bustle, traffic jams, or the noise of the day.

5. Health & You

Health wise also it is good to be an early riser. Waking up early shows that you had enough sleep in the night, and I have already stressed above the importance of sleep. Your body needs rest whether you wake up early or not. Hence it is very essential to get enough sleep so you don't force yourself to wake up early without enough rest. Sleep comes first and then the practice of being an early riser.

Also, if you wake up early, you will have plenty of time to eat your breakfast. Isn't that amazing? Eating breakfast is beneficial for your health for many reasons, as it contributes in getting your metabolism started to give you energy throughout the day.

6. Gratefulness

You can be grateful to the existence anytime you feel like. There is no certain rule for that. But, the morning has a special significance for us. Usually after they wake up, they go out, face the sun and put both palms together, as if in prayer, and are thankful to the existence for providing another wonderful day. It is true that each day is a new day, a new dawn, full of beauty and joy, and showering us with endless opportunities. Why not be grateful for it?

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