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Your Lifeline

The Life Line is the most important line in your palm and everyone has it.It represents your vitality and health.Some people say that the longer your life line be the longer you will live,but it's not true.From our experience there are a lot of people who has a short life line but can live for more than 80 the life line just represents the quality of your life not the length of your life.

The life line starts between the Jupiter and Mars mounts, and it surrounds around the thumb, to end somewhere near the bottom of your hand. Deep life lines generally mean outdoorsy people who prefer to work outdoors. Shallow life lines mean people with difficulties that keep them away from enjoying their life A strong and solid life line with no interruptions is ideal.Energies and passions can be distributed toward his or her life effectively.

In some cases,there will be no chaining at the beginning of the life line.These people are very independent.On the contrary,Excessive chaining means that a person is too dependent upon others.Shallow beginnings to life lines mean an illness in babyhood or a difficult delivery.

The life line and Head line may have linked beginnings. People with this sort of life line are easily to be influenced by others. They are always not optimistic, but very loyal to their country,friends, etc.This kind of person is good at being an assistant, as they don't have enough confidence to establish things on their own but are very loyal to their leader .

Even if the life line and Head Line aren't linked, you can see some tiny lines linking the two main lines; the less lines there are, the more likely this person to be independent and to be a leader.

Higher-starting life line on the palm means people who are very confident, sometimes too confident, but who can not accept responsibility for their own mistakes.Life line that starts low down on the palm means people who are very easygoing.

If there are two parallel life lines in your palm,which is very rare,then you can live two separate lives without getting any troubles.

If there are a lot of breaking up at the end of life line,which means a life that has taken on too much, you should stop committing to too many things late in life.

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