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Redikall Healing

Redikall Healing comes from the word 'Radical Healing'

Redikall Healing is a compilation of intuitive channelled knowledge on major and minor chakras given in the meditation to Aatmn by Sri Laheri Mahashaya.

This therapeutic system is Radical in nature, brings about fundamental changes, address your deepest core level issues as every thing in the world including your problems begins with a powerful thought

In order to rectify any problem of your life, it is important to detect and rectify the core thought process behind any issue.

Redikall Healing system, radically addresses your problems, traces the precise thought which originated your problems and assists you in designing accurate and powerful affirmations to reverse the effect in alignment with your life plan.

Step 1)

We trace the incorrect thought by detecting changes in the chakra movements in 200+ minor chakra with the help of crystal pendulum or (Aura Photography)

Step 2)

We Design precise corrective affirmations in integrity and alignment with your life plan after consulting the client/seeker/subject.

Step 3)

We ask the Client/Seeker/Subject to recite the affirmations 21 times to asses the effect of powerful carefully chosen words on the Major and 200 plus minor chakra through crystal pendulum or aura photography through aura reader.

Step 4) Based on the changes in the movements of minor and major chakras, we redesign or modify the affirmations.

Step 5)

Correctly designed Key Remedial affirmations is prescribed for 21 days and then we re-asses. Most of the people respond favorably in a few minutes to few hours. Some issues like chronic illnesses, relationships difficulties etc. may take few weeks to show the positive change.

Optional steps:

Step 6)

Follow up: Healing happens in various phases and layers. At times we recommend follow up after 2-3 weeks to re-evaluate and refine the affirmations to address, deeper core level thought process which are now ready to be healed as superficial layers starts getting healed with the affirmations.

Step 7)

Learn Redikall Healing: Empower yourself with the skill of designing your own affirmations on a day to day basis.

Step 8)

Live life with total vigilance of your thinking process. after learning and practicing redikall healing you remain acutely aware of your every thought and you train yourself to think constructively as you deeply understand how every thought eventually manifests and makes a difference in your finances, relationships, health and spiritual growth.

Redikall Healing helps you in

1) Aches and Pains

2) Refining Emotional responses

3) Understanding and enhancing Relationships

4) Finding answers to intriguing questions

5) Karmic Backlog, Karmic learning and understanding karmic gifts for you in this life time or in a given situation.

6) Understanding yourself and others around you.

7) Understanding professional dynamics.

8) Modifying your thought process to achieve desired objectives in alignment with your life plan.

You can also address your past lives, external negative influences in your auric space, etc. with the Redikall Healing.

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