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Ms. Sujata Mukherjee

Profile: Ms. Sujata Mukherjee

Sujata Mukherjee is a Certified & Internationally Licensed "Heal Your Life" Workshop Facilitator/Teacher & Seminar Leader. She is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist from School of Natural Health Science, Berkeley's Square, U.K. accredited by International College of Holistic Medicine (I.C.H.M.), an NLP practitioner, a certified Mindfulness Instructor, a Time Management and Stress Management Consultant. She is also a Globally Certified and 'Expert Rated' Life Coach for Personal Empowerment and Wellness.

Sujata with a Masters in Human Resource Management and backed by a creative bent of mind, has a very rich work experience of 25 years out of which the first 2 years, as a teacher of B-School, next 8 years in various roles in the hard core corporate sector in Human Resource and the last 15 years in exploring and applying techniques for realizing human potential.

Sujata is the founder-director of Study Group Human Resource Consultants and expanded and diversified it's "Training" division to focus on empowerment techniques that enhance personal and professional life. She provides training, coaching and consultation to individuals and companies, and assists them to achieve their personal, career and business objectives.

Sujata is also dedicated to the understanding of child psychology and counseling students, being an accredited professional, by empowering them to uproot the fear factor and negative self beliefs, which create loss of focus, examination phobia, improper, inter personal relationships, which in turn trigger self hatred and low self esteem.

Her services range from emotional health and leadership development to mind training. As a Cognitive Analyst, Sujata identifies maladaptive and unconscious thought conflicts that hinder the achievement of life and career goals. She helps individuals eliminate thoughts and actions that can cause negativity at different life stages and inspire them to live a happy and joyful life by giving them various tools, and teaching various time tested techniques. An intimate understanding of the human mind and training and rich knowledge of cognitive behavioral systems and NLP, act as the backbone of her coaching and training programs.

Sujata is a 'sounding board' during crisis. Her crystal clear evaluation of personal as well as professional issues and customized and highly dynamic coaching, act as a parabolic reflector to empower participants, to make informed life choices. She provides them insight about the impact that each of their decisions create on their goal.

She says: "It is so rewarding to work with people for positive transitions in their lives and see the satisfaction on their faces when their desire to invoke changes in their lives is fulfilled. Coaching ignites the urge to know and understand 'self' and that is where the journey starts. Self-awareness opens up the path for solutions to many challenges. It is very fulfilling to feel and see my clients' desire to know and understand their own selves and to help them realize their potential"

Sujata's interest is in the confluence of psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics and advanced scientific research on mind body and spirit.

A Very Special Note:

In the cross road of her life's journey, she came across the book "Love Yourself Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay and in Sujata's own words...

"It is such an enriching and wonderful journey to explore and touch the inner beauty with love and acceptance. I am amazed to get the results every day, every moment using the tools and techniques, advised and taught by Louise in her book. I kept on enriching myself, by her workshops, her various books, affirmations, audios, videos. I do all the exercises meticulously every day. The Heal Your Life program helped me to accept myself in my own way, to rejoice in love, compassion, and trust, and to fully get in touch with my inner self. I have learned that no matter where we are now, we can always become what we are meant to be as we have the power of the present moment to create our best life and to be fully happy. As Louise says, "The power is in the present moment." I am dedicated to teaching and inspiring people to live happier and healthier lives, and to reach their highest potential by utilizing the power of the present moment just by programming their "thoughts".

"My passion for life, new ways of thinking, and enthusiasm to share this knowledge with the world, led me to become a Heal You Life Workshop Leader."

Sujata is a member of :

Aurobindo Society - Auroville, Pondicherry,

Ramakrishna Mission - Belur , Mumbai,

Theosophical Society of India - Adyar, Chennai,

Ananda Organisation built on teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Blue school of Guided Imagery by Claudette Melchizedek.

Her spiritual journey deepened and enhanced with the cosmic connection in Zorba the Buddha, New Delhi, on attending the amazing workshop , "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

She is trained in Rajayoga by the Brahmakumaris, and is a member of their Inner Beauty Consultant Group. She had been invited to Brahmakumaris Gyan Sarovar Complex, Mt Abu to attend their 4 days residential workshop cum seminar on "God's Power for Great Transformation in Business" in July 2014.

Sujata believes in Metaphysical rules that are backed by Evidence based Psychology to understand the rules of living life, happily on own terms. Sujata's deep spiritual journey is the main source of her inspiration and undaunted positive energy, which helps her to feel motivated by the joy of giving and to take her clients in a joyful ride to pass through the barriers of a stuck up mind, and help them get freedom of thought by understanding their self worth.

She says:

"Explore the 'YOU' in YOU,... Emerge, Elevate & Excel."

My heartfelt gratitude to the point source of energy and to all who are knowingly or unknowingly my 'teachers and preachers' of LIFE.

"Love and Divine Gratitude!!!!!" Sujata

Contact Sujata Mukherje @ +91 98305 19295

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Nigel Akkara - Film Personality

Date - 30.08.15

It was an amazing experience; specially the portion dealing with forgiveness and affirmations is worth mentioning. Sujata mam has taken a wonderful initiative of introducing this method of meditation of emerging, elevating and excelling. Kudos to You. Sujata Ma'am is Patient and has a very efficient linguistic way of conveying a method of positive life. Sujata ma'am is a Superb workshop coach. Really soothing and has an unique approach. I am Spell bound.

Ketan Parekh - Chartered Accountant

Date - 30.08.15

My dream came true by attending the Workshop. The workshop is a life changing workshop. It shows the way how to live life. It educates how to handle relationships. It gives sense of sharing. It guides to remain healthy.

The workshop leader Mrs Sujata Mukherjee is very cooperative, supportive, dedicated leader. She knows how to handle the crowd. She has all the skills to coordinate the workshop, she is also sincere in educating each and every topic. She is cool and loving.

Poppy Mandal - Advocate

Date - 30.08.15

The workshop has helped me to be filled with positivity. I have made a new discovery of myself especially the inner child in me. I have learned the art of loving myself, learning about my capabilities LOVING MYSELF! LOVING MYSELF!

Madam Sujata Mukherjee is an Excellent teacher and motivator. Beautiful lady internally and externally.

Shreya Ghosh - Executive, PWC

Date - 30.08.15

The workshop has instilled in me a great sense of positivity and motivation. It has given me the ability to embrace all hurdles of life with a challenge and a smile and a huge sense of confidence. The Workshop Leader, Sujata Ma'am is a wonderful person, a fantastic motivator, an inspirational leader and she is extremely approachable, polite and understanding. I owe all credit of my transformation entirely and solely to her.

Arindam Bandyopadhyay - Fitness Trainer

Date - 30.08.15

The workshop has filled me with positive vibration and changed the way I need to look at me and others. The Workshop Leader, Sujata Mukherjee Ma'am is friendly, ever smiling, caring, acceptable, adorable and make you full safe.

Manoj - Executive

Date - 30.08.15

Wonderful workshop and its one of the best I attended. This workshop has given me insight of selfvalue.

The Workshop Leader is very energetic, informative and has positive power who could transform our thoughts. Thank you Sujata madam. All the best.

Tamal Roy - Executive

Date - 19.07.15

It is a very nice workshop. It has initiated positive energy in me. I now will be able to guide myself in the hour of need. The Workshop Leader, is showing me light when I had lost myself in darkness. Her technique of healing is really excellent. I have got enlightment from her. I will be in touch as workshop follow up, for me and my family members.

Deepak Kumar Sing - Executive

Date: 19.07.15

The workshop provided me a lot of ideas about affirmation. Peace, love have an importance on self, is very well understood. There is a direction provided by the workshop to lead a loveful life. Exercises, presentations are very satisfactory. Hope to attend future workshops of Sujata Mukherjee Madam.

The Workshop Leader, Sujata Madam, is very helpful, informative, good presenter, helped to release the illusions of life. She is very attentive to our questions and satisfied us. My best wishes to her and expect to attend her future workshops.

Sukanta Majumdar - Banker

Date: 19.07.15

Excellent Workshop. Workshop keeps me more in positive frame of mind. Learned about how to love myself and also love people around me. The Workshop Leader, Ms. Sujata is an excellent leader. She explained the method of heal your life procedure methodically. Wish her all the best. Looking forward for future course after some time.

Trishnankur Pal - Graphic Designer

Date: 19.07.15

Its my first experience in my life, the Heal Your Life workshop was Awesome and very inspirational. After attending this platform, my mind feels so much positive & peaceful, this workshop taught me to love myself and taught me forgiveness. I feel more powerful.

I must say about Sujata mam, Mam you are just fabulous trainer as well as teacher. You guided my life plans, developed my motivation, changed my thinking and finally made me so positive. I'm so lucky to come to your workshop,. It's my one of the best experience I have ever had. Thanks a lot ma'am for your guidance.

Shome Mukherjee - RJ, Corporate Trainer

Date: 19.07.15

Very Hands on - Practical & Simple Workshop.

Very Time Effective & worth for money.

Positive & great learning experience.

Mrs Sujata Mukherjee is very well read & calm and very suggestive. Practices what she preaches.

Ashis Saluli - Executive

Date: 19.07.15

Regarding the Heal Your Life Program I had an idea that there may be some applications of medicine but I see it is different and wonderful and I like it. Regarding healing myself, my achievement and handling problems on daily basis this is wonderful wayand this is also about about career. I got a new way which is excellent.

The Workshop Leader, Madam's way of instruction is praise worthy and beneficial. No vanity and useful to any person's need.

Abhijit Bose - Banquet Manager

Date: 01.09.15

A wonderful feeling with tantalising emotion that gives a peace with an extra ordinary outburst of humanism. Good exercises & learnable.

The Workshop Leader, is quite a knowledgeable personality. Feel like to give respect & like to take more advises from her for better life.

Sharmila Choudhury - Public Relations Manager

Date: 01.09.15

The Heal Your Life Workshop had very relaxing exercises and will certainly help me to accept and love myself just the way I am... that is simply awesome.

The Workshop Leader is very pleasant and articulate, loved her body language and approach to the whole workshop. Cheers!!!

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