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Dr. Sonal Keswani

PROFILE: Dr. Sonal Keswani

What you can gain by having a Bars session:

Improve your Relationships, Fears, Money, Body, Health, Business or Work...

By touching a bar or series of Bars you are able to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life. When you touch Bars in a sequence you clear up any issues and points of view about those two Bars in relation to each other.

This ability to erase stored beliefs is critical. When you function from a preconceived point of view about what is possible in life and what is not possible in life you create limitations that are often impossible to shift. Even worse, you are unable to see other possibilities; all you can see is what matches your world view.

Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to create change in that area. If you can change the energy, you change how that part of your life shows up. This is the power of Bars - it opens you up to new possibilities.

Dr Sonal Keswani is a medical doctor who along her journey of medicine realised that there is a greater possibility apart from the symptomatic approach to diseases and consuming drugs with innumerable side effects. While still in college she explored many modalities, none of which gave the results she was looking for.

She then came across Access Consciousness which changed her life and her overall perspective of this reality. According to her, access is not a modality but a way of empowerment and claiming your own knowing. It is a way of life . She believes you are the expert of your being and your body, and you only need to be educated on how to tap into that. Through her practice she invites you to claim that for yourself. Is now the time for you ?


- Access bars facilitator

- Access body process facilitator

- ESSE (energetic synthesis of structural embodiment ) practitioner

- Energetic facelift practitioner

- Talk to the entities practitioner

- Tarot and Angel card reader

- Crystal healer

To book a session, Contact: Sonal Keswani


Mobile: +91 97676 42339

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