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New Avenues with Dr. Seema

Dr. Seema Madan - New Avenues with Dr. Seema

Dr Seema Madan is an internationally licensed access bars facilitator and a transformation coach.

As she progressed on the spiritual journey, she discovered her capacity to heal and transform people's lives. She also became aware of her intuitive and psychic abilities with entities and spirits and how it could used to change lives of people who are seeking happiness, health, freedom and ease.

She offers wholesome healing sessions using access bars, access body processes, SOP sessions, Entity clearings, Reiki and magnified healing sessions. Being a qualified medical doctor with post graduate qualification, she combines her knowledge of human physiology and healing abilities in a unique way to offer potent, life changing healing therapies to her clients.

She also offers personal transformation coaching sessions in person and via Skype to change or transform any area of life that is not working including money, business, relationship, health.

Dr Seema Madan conducts Access Bars Workshops, Access Body Process Class including Energetic Facelift.

Contact :+91 92100 29404

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