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Mr. Rishi Kumar Puri

Rishi Kumar Puri

Rishi Puri born in Jalandhar, Punjab had his education in Amritsar towns in Punjab, India. After completing his graduation in Amritsar he settled down in Kolkata. As a young man, he was an avid sportsman and was infused with a spirit of adventure and competition.

Over the years, Mr. Puri has contributed immensely to the field of business in various capacities. He has been on top position in the steel industries. After a remarkable 45 years of active service, Mr. Puri decided to turn his attention to spiritualism.

He has been a Reiki practitioner since he took his First and Second Degree from Dr. L M Puri a well-known Reiki Grand Master in Kolkata in the year2002. Since then he has been practicing Reiki in India. He is a powerful healer and has been attuned to Mastership Degree in Reiki in the year 2009 in Kolkata. He decided to do MD (A.M) and attained Gold Medal in the year 2012 from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Kolkata. Mr. Puri has opened a Retreat Center at Panchala, Country Road along with Reiki centers at Durgapur and Julandhar where he conducts regular classes.

He is also very keen in Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Mudra and Crystal therapy which he teaches regularly in his classes and is dedicated to these beautiful healing systems. He has a good knowledge of English, Hindi, Punjabi and Bengali.

Phone: +91 99330 68225, 99330 68238, (0343) 253 3020

Contact: 97- SB, Block E, New Alipore, Kolkata

Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul

Heal Your Mind, Body and SoulThe human body, more than just a collection of functioning parts, is a flowing energyfield, continually reorganizing and restructuring itself. All conditions of physical diseaseare rooted in this energy system. Reiki, an ancient art of touch therapy, provides ameans to recharge, realign, and rebalance our energy field to create the conditionsneeded for an integrated functioning of the body's healing systems.

Reiki can help in healing unwanted habits: weight loss, smoking, alcohol, and drugs


The word Reiki pronounced (Ray-key) means healing touch, "Rei" meaning Spiritual wisdom or Universal and "Ki" meaning Life force energy. The Chinese call this life force"Chi", Indians "Prana", in Islam it is "Barakka" and for Christians it is the "Holy spirit",while modern scientists call it Bioplasmic energy, which is the bio-magnetic energy ofthe auric field. In 1940 Semyon Kirilian a Russian sciencetist developed a camera to photograph the life energy (aura) that surrounds a person. It has been given othernames in various cultures to this universal life and energy in Greek it is called 'Pneuma'in Polynesia 'Mana' and in Hebron 'Roah' which means breathe of life.Reiki is one of the simplest and most popular alternative therapy methods. It does not require much sweat and pain to practice. It makes you feel so much more in control of your life. Like anyother therapy, it's a way of life.

Reiki is a simple but effective healing therapy. It requires nothing but your two handsand intention for curing chronic diseases even where modern medicines have no answer. Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life energy. Reiki can never do harm and never deplete your energy when you give treatment to others. Reiki is supportive and complementary to all modern medical treatments. In fact it improves the results of any medical treatment, such as those from chemotherapy, surgery, childbirth or psychological conditions etc. It shortens the healing time, reduces pain, stress and built up self-confidence among patients.

Reiki can be sent to any part of the globe by way of distant healing techniques by second level and masters. Sending distant Reiki two things required first establish the connection by using Distant-healing symbols and have strong intent with positive thoughts. Since energy follow the thoughts.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Everyone can benefit from Reiki. Doctors, nurses. Rehabilitation therapists, student's report that Reiki can help manage pain and promote healing.

Counselors and caregivers find that Reiki gives patients with terminal illnesses an increased physical and emotional ability to cope.

What happens in a Reiki Session?

A Reiki session typically takes about an hour. You remain fully clothed and rest comfortably on a massage table / mattress. The Reiki practitioner or Reiki Master Placesher/his hands on you. You may feel the energy directly, or you may experience heat from her hands. Most often, people fall into a deep, healing relaxation similar to meditation.

How Reiki can be learned

In Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho there are three levels - which are also known as degrees?

  • Level - I First Degree
  • Level - II Second Degree
  • Level - III (a) Master Degree
  • Level - III (b) Master Teacher Degree

What is an attunement?

An attunement re-establishes the connection between the practitioners and their innateability to draw Universal Life energy. Each attunement will fine-tune, balance, and alignthe practitioner's energy system, empowering them to transmit Reiki. It will also strengthen intuition.

In Level I, the emphasis is on self-healing. You are given an empowerment to help youremember that you are and always have been Reiki. You are taught the five Principles (For today only- anger not, worry not, be grateful and humble; do your work with appreciation, be kind to all) to assist you in keeping mindfulness and setting the intent. You are taught hand positions so that you can treat self and others.

In Level II, you are taught three Reiki Symbols - Power, Emotional Healing, Distance Healing and you receive another attunement.

Level III (a) Master, you are taught the Reiki Master Symbol and also given a third empowerment.

In Level III (b) Master Teacher, you are taught to attune others.

Some people think Level III as the completion of their Reiki training. In reality there isnothing to complete, nothing to attain, and this gives you nothing you did not already have. It is not an end but a new beginning. It is a return to simplicity that we had when we learnt Reiki I and had no symbols and just the energy. It is the greatest gift to beable to share Reiki with others and it is a joyful thing to do and share in attunements.


Start with Level - 1. This is a day long class. In this class you will receive attunements. Learn hands-on Reiki and receive a certificate and manual. Later, you can takeadditional Reiki trainings. With Level - l attunements you can begin doing healing onyourself and others, including pets.

Proceed with Level -II First Degree attunements focus on elevating the energy of thephysical body, so that it may channel more intense healing energy, whereas Second Degree attunements work more directly on the etheric (Bioplasmic) body and tend to stimulate development of the intuitive center which is located at the pituitary gland. The Second Degree class provides the participant with the 'opportunity to attune to' higher levels of the Reiki energy. The initiations of Second Degree also attune a person to thepower keys or symbols, which are used at this level to perform absentee healing and astronger form of mental / emotional healing. As Second Degree activates another level ofenergy (an amplification of vibratory level in both the physical and etheric bodies), Additional techniques for your own growth and further developments are also taught atthis level.

Achieve - Reiki Mastership is an apprenticeship Program

Traditionally, Reiki Mastership has been something granted after Reiki III wasaccomplished. It was not given freely or for reasons beyond the desire to teach andpass on Reiki to others. The format for receiving a Reiki Mastership was anapprenticeship of approximately one year. During the year the apprentice created workshops and assisted the Master teacher while learning the format of the classes and the method of transmission of the Reiki energy. At a certain point in the apprenticeship the Master attunement was given and then the student practiced attunements along with the Master teacher. When ready, the new Masters could begin their own classes. The timing of the process was traditionally determined by the Master teacher.

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