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Aarogyas World of Welness - Dr. Rekha Soni

Profile: Dr. Rekha Soni

Dr. REKHA SONI, life coach trainer helped tens of thousands of people to consciously work with chakra energy to improve their health, their finance, and even relationship. she trains people across the world to use their chakras, inner sense to improve their lives in all aspects. Dr. REKHA SONI is an healer with amazing journey to share a journey of hope, of inspiration and manifestation.

She has taught various techniques to people from every walk of life so that they could begin to let go off all emotions, stress and mental blockages which are holding us from joy and happiness that is our birthright.

She will take you to place that you feel truly abundant, what is stopping you from being realized and what to do about it and help you to find out exactly what happiness is and how to have it.

Aarogyas World of Welness

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