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Top healthy countries in the world

The top 10 healthiest countries in the world didn't make this list by accident. There are reasons behind why countries make this list and by mimicking those reasons wherever you live you can be healthy too. Even if you happen to be in the wrong country.


Japan is known for producing some of the longest living individuals in the world. And what can some of these long lived individuals and an entire country with impressively long lives be attributed to? A big part of the health here comes from the healthy diet rich in fish and seaweed. And the government sponsors exercise programs too.


Australia boasts low rates of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure and they do this with a diet that features red meat. How can health go hand in hand with red meat? Much of the cattle in Australia are grass fed. That's what makes it healthy.


Sweden should be proud of its dedication to the healthcare of children and its high survival rates when it comes to cancer. Public healthcare is well funded and is based on the knowledge that happy people are healthier.


Greece may owe part of its claim to a spot on this list to the social aspect of dining. Eating is not rushed because it is a social activity. This slow eating gives the body time to digest food properly which is something that cannot be done when you eat in a hurry.


Italy has a dietary focus that includes primarily fresh, unprocessed foods. This alone is enough to give any person or any country excellent health.


Iceland has a healthcare system that is serious about caring for infants and their parents. There is plenty of medical care leading up to the birth and after the baby is born. Parents get 3 months paid work leave for every child born too.


Cuba, believe it or not, lays claim to some of the best healthcare around even without all the latest medical equipment and technology. How can this be? They work on detection and prevention. Healthy does not mean treating a condition so much as avoiding it in the first place.


Finland's local governments started emphasizing the importance of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet some time back and the people listened. Thanks in part to these efforts, fruit and vegetable intake almost doubled and that was enough to make people a whole lot healthier.


Germany has it all. There are fresh, unprocessed foods and nationalized healthcare. And there is a society full of people who take part in regular physical activity. That's a recipe for good health.


France is always looked to because of its status as one of the healthiest countries. It is also looked to because of its high fat diet, showing that eating plenty of fat does not necessarily lead to poor health. Again, the fact that foods are fresh and unprocessed here is what makes even high fat foods good for health.

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