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Path to Happiness - Spiritual Wellness and Positive Thinking

Spiritual wellness is often seen as a religious attitude. Those who do not believe in the presence of God often reject spiritual wellness as something for which they have no use. But this is far from the truth. Spiritual wellness does have religious connotations but does not center only on or refer only to religion.

Our beliefs and value systems make up a large part of our spiritual self. For many, these values may be drawn from religious scriptures or teachings, giving rise to the confusion between religion and spirituality. However, even a non religious person has his own set of behavioral rules and code of ethics. When these are combined with and implemented into actions, he/she can gain spiritual wellness.

Spirituality in essence means connecting with your inner self and seeing yourself as a part of the bigger scheme of things in the universe. This realization will give you immense peace and a positive attitude towards life. It helps you visualize yourself as a being, who has existence beyond what's perceived with open eyes, and makes you aware of your interactions beyond the physical self we see and acknowledge everyday.

Our spiritual makeup impacts our actions and relationships with society. The way we treat others, the commitment we show towards work, the sincerity with which we make promises, how trustworthy we are - all of these depend on the values incorporated into our spiritual makeup. Accepting and integrating socially and personally acceptable values, ethics and morals help us fit well into society. Spiritual wellness is not a concept that is associated with just meditation and prayer. It is a personal journey that we embark upon, reflected in our words and actions. It transcends age, race and religion.

Positive thinking is another primary element in our mental makeup that should be encouraged from an early age. It has been seen that positive thinking and positive attitude contributes to a healthy mind and body. A positive frame of mind reduces risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and keeps mental illnesses at bay. In fact, studies have shown that individuals with high stress levels have weaker immunity and higher susceptibility to diseases.

Leading a spiritual life entails leading a responsible, aware and positive life. Indulging in positive activities like social work, exercising your body and mind through spiritual art forms, and indulging in meditation can be immensely impactful on your psyche and quality of life. When you connect better with the world around, you not only feel better about yourself but also have a more enriching experience.

It is often said that with a positive attitude, half the battle is won, whether it is at the professional level or in your personal life. A person with a positive attitude is better equipped to deal with difficult situations and possesses the key to stay happy no matter what changes around him or her. It is no wonder then that positive thinking people are happier, healthier, more successful and enjoy a better quality of life.

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