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Jealousy and insecurity in relationships - The green eyed monster

Almost everyone treat jealousy as a sign of affection of a loved one, while actually, it isn’t. It’s a sign of insecurity in relationships.

Why do we get jealous in the first place? It’s because we fear that our loved one will leave us and choose another. That he had enough of you but you’re still not good enough for him. And there are other reasons for insecurity in relationships that may be any of the following factors:

Lack of self confidence or self-esteem

  • Your partner may have flaws or incapacity that make her feel as an inadequate person. She might not see the beauty on her own way. Again, nobody’s perfect, everyone has its own flaws. And this is one reality that you have to remind your partner with.

A bad track record of infidelity

  • Your partner may have known that you used to be a polygamous guy. Well, you can’t blame her for that, especially if she’s still seeing you glancing on other girls and have caught you doing things behind her back.

A lot of pretty faces

This universe can sometimes be heavenly when you see a lot of gorgeous men and women walking down the streets. You can’t help but think, “Am I with the wrong one?” . Some people seem to live by the mantra of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. This can cause confusion in a relationship especially if you are in a long distance relationship or one where you work different shifts and don’t get a lot of time to be together.

To lessen your insecurity in relationships, you could try to make yourself look better, be a little bit vain. Learn to pamper and care for yourself more than you used to. If your partner sees people looking admiringly at you then they are going to realize they have to toe the line or they could get kicked to the touch line.

And most importantly, get rid of that negative perception you have of yourself. You are special, otherwise your partner wouldn’t have picked you in the first place.

When you feel good inside and out, you can face your lover with confidence and conviction that he would never have to leave your side. It would also help if your partner can give a reassuring feeling by showing that he is truly committed to you and to the relationship.

Jealousy in a relationship will almost certainly destroy it little by little, when we were all teenagers it seemed normal to want to hold our boyfriend or girlfriend very close. You are taught from a young age to guard precious things and keep them close to you. As you get older and your emotions mature then you can give your loved ones the freedome they need to grow. This shows maturity and if you grow together then there is no need for any insecurity

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