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Ridhii Kapoor

Ridhii Kapoor

Ridhii Kapoor began her journey, and has spent a number of years studying various modalities in depth, and still continues to do so.

Healing and energy work is her passion and she truly believes that the magic is within all of us. All that is required is a willingness to acknowledge and receive that magic!

You can contact her for a consultation, for predictions and remedies, for a healing session, and also to attend her workshops.

Services provided:

1) Vedic Astrology

2) Numerology

3) Feng Shui

4) Reiki Grand Master

5) Karuna Reiki

6) Access Bars Facilitator

7) Access Body process Practitioner

8) Access Facelift


1) Access bars

2) Numerology

3) Reiki

4) Karuna Reiki

5) Feng Shui

Contact@: +91 99106 06400

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