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Beyond Karm - Ms. Varsha Sangal

Profile: Beyond Karm - Ms. Varsha Sangal

What if You are a Miracle walking ?

What if each of you is an infinite being with unlimited potencies?

Varsha Sanghal, is a Sr. consultant psychologist, Access Consciousness facilitator, Therapist, Motivational speaker & Life Coach. In her journey that spans for more than two decades, she is a powerhouse of, intuition, perception & wisdom.

As a Holistic healer, she had gathered huge international exposure in the field of Child development & Psychology. She has held countless spectacular, path-breaking, life transformative workshops for the benefit of mankind, restoring broken relationships, working deeply with child abuse, guilt & suffering from past life connections.

Varsha Sangal is the creator of Beyond Karm; a foundation based upon re-alignment & re-connection of mind - body - soul. This establishment offers workshops, therapies & courses in holistic healing. She helps her participants & clients reach their fullest potential with the vital use of their strengths & talents with an all-inclusive approach. Over these years, she has empowered millions to create phenomenal shifts in their lives. She is the most loved healer of the human Traumas, and has been practicing healing for over 20 years. Her therapy, not only is custom designed, to that of the need of the person, in need of healing, but also is amalgamation of different modalities that works on both the SOUL and the body of the seeker.

Varsha has lived by the principle, "One's greatest love is himself" and hence her teachings, mainly impact broken pieces of human heart, smoothens the traumas from past, recovers seekers from depressing past life memories and forms a great life believe. Her workshops include tools that works on human mind, where seekers have surrendered all their pessimism, traumas and dramas and she has enlightened them with firm believe to live life, full of harmony and joy. She is blessed with guiding angels, who divines her during the healing process.

She has worked extensively upon energy, and its connections, with that of life and universe. During her body processes, she has experienced energy, guiding her through the healing. The energy is so powerful that the seekers have been blessed with wealth, heavenly life, relationships and a divine self-life.

Karma healing deals with stress from the past. We all have our memory with some stressful experiences in the past, which is an impediment to achieve "our" goals and dreams, with strong psychological blockages (subconscious stress), thinking patterns, behavior, Stress... etc. Karma can include physical health issues, emotional and relationship issues, psychological issues, and spiritual issues.

Come discover yourself with Varsha Sangal at "Beyond Karm"

Ms. Varsha Sangal

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