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Sushma Singh

Profile: Ms. Sushma Singh

Online & On call Care. Healing guidance, Solution finding, Mentoring , Wellness guidance & Energy healing.

Conducts regular workshops & classes on Access Bars & Energy healing ( for all age Group) for all kind of Mental, Emotional & Physical issues.

Therapy benefits

  • Stress reduction /clearing mind chatter
  • Gifting your body more ease & joy
  • Receive a LOT more and do a little less
  • Sleep better & wake up feeling refreshed & full of energy
  • For ADD & ADHD
  • For children before tests
  • For pregnant women
  • For deep relaxation
  • Dissipate some of the mental , emotional , Physical , and energetic blockages that are keeping you stock
  • Is your life not quite what you would like it to be ? Do you desire more ?
  • For creating more space and possibility in your life & living ? and more...

Sushma Singh "Joyful Healer" is an Internationally Licensed Access Bars Facilitator. Sushma is a holistic healer with hands on experience of years. She is also a facilitator for holistic courses. She is a certified Access Bars® Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, a qualified different other modalities, Meditation and Mudra Therapist. Her experiences with these processes give amazing results for her clients. She is a true lover and an ambassador of love. Her spirit and persona can allure and absorb anyone. She is so real and raw that your imperfections make you even more lovable. With her loving spirit, she spread joy all around.

Who can attend her Workshops:

1. Anyone willing to make positive changes in their lives. Any Individual can help himself with the healing & transformational energies of Access Bars to bring positive changes in life for good health, success, Joy, peace, Prosperity and abundance in life.

2. Corporates : Relaxation , Stress reduction, focus on work, self confidence, achievement of targets, improving relationships with clients etc.

3. Students: Good memory power, mind concentrations & focused attention in studies and their goal.

4. Homemaker: Create a Sacred space & environment in your home with the divine energies of Meditation & Access Bars for more Peace & Joy .

5. Yoga Practitioners: For Deep Meditation and Spiritual Enlightenment.

6. Therapists / Healers / people with medical background - Any professionals working as alternative therapist, energy healer or with medical backgrounds ( Reiki Healer, Massage therapist, Pranic healers, Hypnotherapists, Yoga & meditation trainers ) can very successfully apply and integrate this healing modality for greater success in their work.

7. Willing to work as a Access Bars Facilitator & energy healer Professional - There is tremendous opportunity to work in the area of Access Bars for its tremendous popularity and world wide acceptance in modern times.

Available Courses:

1. Access Bars.

2. Access Body Process Facilitator

3. Energetic Face lift.

For more details Contact +91 77387 85473 / 86557 38173

E mail :



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