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Satvakirani is a decade old healing firm located in Mumbai specializing in core cause elimination issues through deep-rooted alternative healing modalities therapies and workshops. Satvakirani is managed by Kavita Israni and her son Veejay Israani.

Profile: Kavita Israani

KAVITA is a Master channeler, a Merkaba healer an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute of India, , an Angel therapist, Dark energies remover , a Reiki Grand Master, a Theta Healer, Aroma Therapist, a Past Life Regressor, a Crystal Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, an Angel / Tarot Card and a Merkaba coin reader . She is a healer, a counselor, and a teacher. Like almost everyone, she had relationship problems, financial challenges, health issues and many other problems.

In the quest for answers to her personal issues, she landed up doing a number of spiritual courses, reading lots of books and contacting spiritual gurus. Initially, she started with Reiki healings. When she started getting experiences with Reiki, she started with her workshops. She is now doing workshops for the last 22 years. A very deep inner calling and curiosity of past life regression made her enter the field of hypnosis. Her deep desire to learn about life, got her in touch with angels, who guided her to her Divine Life Plan.

Having understood her divine life plan and under divine guidance, she understood life and entirely took charge of it, relinquishing her well-established beauty business of 27 years. She plunged into it, never to look back.

She felt the plight of scores of people who were suffering and not knowing how to get out of it. If one problem goes, another comes. Life is full of uncertainties. Either there is constant struggle or worry and tension or an unresolved problem.

In this quest, people search for answers/solutions externally. It is like standing in front of the mirror and changing the mirror image. It is sad, people are not prepared to take life into their hands, to come out of it, which is necessary.

"I have seen so much in life that I can connect and feel the suffering of the people. So many are stuck up today due to dark energies, ancestral issues, etc: with absolutely no way out. I feel sad for such people as they don't even know the cause of their issues. It is here that I do counselings and detect the core cause. My aim is not just to help such people through my healings, but also to make them self-dependent through my workshops to enable them to take life into their own hands." - Kavita Israni


  • Master Teacher in Reiki 2013
  • Space clearing 2013
  • Angel Communication 2014
  • Member of Trainers Association of India

Profile: Veejay Israani

VEEJAY is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Bachflower therapist, Ancestral healer, Motivational & Self Development trainer a blogger and writer specializing in changing individuals He is a Computer Engineer by profession and just shut down his International Award Winning firm The Crystal Infotech which he ran from 22 years to follow his Divine life purpose. The initial years of his computer business were full of obstacles and big learnings. With this arose a quest to understand the root cause and he thus reached Oneness University.

It was here that he discovered his life purpose and expertise. He has conducted many programs for the Oneness University from as little as ten people to a massive crowd of over a thousand. Spiritual learning arose out of passion and he started trainings in his free time. Today he is a Breakthrough Life Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer from American Tesol Institute and Peak Performance trainings. He is also trained in Nlp, Silva, Reiki, Dream Interpretation, Bachflower remedies, Matrushakti healings apart from being a Yoga Master. He has undergone deep internal processes, is a Healer and undertakes Healing contracts of individuals and businesses (small scale & corporate). His most exclusive and specialized healing is Ancestral healing where he heals doshas and patterns coming from ancestors.

"I aim at change and Breakthrough. I work primarily on the cause and effect theory. I see so many people just beating around the bushes trying to heal the effects and devote time, energy and money for the same without any notable results. I used to do the same for so many years, by the time I realized it, so many years were lost. My role is to help people reach their causes as the solution lies only in that domain, but the human psychology is to run after effects as those are the ones which are visible. So many of us are trying to change the outside, but it's only when we change the inside the external changes. Change is not easy and never happens overnight, it's a process and so is life. I undertake coaching assignments to help people make this transition from struggle to achievement, despair to hope and most important from a learner to achieve. Its just one life we live lets live it with success." - Veejay Israani


  • Best Motivational Speaker- East Zone in 2013.
  • Best Personality Development Coach in 2014.
  • Master in Relationship Management in 2014.
  • International Award to The Crystal Infotech


Contact Kavita @ +91 9167675677


Contact Veejay @ +91 9820852660


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