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Ms. Meghaa Gupta

Profile: Ms. Meghaa Gupta

Meghaa Gupta lives by Louise Hay's words "I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life" and hence she believe in living every day to the fullest with the best of her ability.

She is an eternal optimist and a great believer of life-long learning. She believes that we all have talents and potential to be whatever we want to be. However, before we can love our neighbour, we need to learn to love and respect ourselves - just as we are. This is her guiding philosophy, be it entrepreneurship mentoring, transformational leadership, organisational development, individual capacity building or personal growth work.

Her own life-changing experiences led her to study the power of the mind and Louise Hay's philosophy of positive thinking and methods. Her purpose is to share her life lessons and knowledge with others who are in search of their best lives.

In her work aside from Louise Hay, she also practices

1. Heal Your Life Seminar Leader

2. Angel Therapies, connecting people to their loving Guardian Angels & Archangels

3. Angel Card Reading and Guidance

4. Pranic Healer Psychotherapist & Crystal Healer

5. Pranic Face Lift & Body Sculpting with the help of Lazer crystals

6. Bach Flower Therapies

Her vision and passion is to help people create their best lives, and organisations & companies to succeed in their chosen endeavours.

When we give ourselves an opportunity, we are all capable of discovering our true potential and knowing what is best for us. The power is truly within you!

Contact @: +91 90070 56166

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