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Profile: Dr.G.L.Sampoorna

G L Sampoorna, is a Psychologist, Therapist, Life coach, Heal Your Life Teacher - Trainer for India, Facilitator, NLP Master Trainer, Researcher, artist and author.

She uses a Multi-disciplinary approach combining psychological processes with modalities such as art, sound, movement, theatre, stories and play.

She is a pioneer in forgiveness work and research in India. She is internationally reputed for her work in the field of forgiveness and well-being.

Her programs such as Essence, The Turn, The path to freedom workshops are popularly considered as some of the nation's best wellbeing programs.

Besides her PhD in psychology, her qualifications include her position as an authorized Heal Your Life Teacher Trainer (in the philosophy of Louise Hay) for India. She is a much sought after NLP Master trainer and a life coach par excellence.

She uses a multi-modal approach to achieve quick and lasting results. She integrates art, music, theatre, movement, sound, gardening, yoga, meditation and visualization with psychological techniques, to work with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of clients.

A strong believer in self-awareness and self-empowerment, she teaches her clients and participants, techniques through which they can take charge of their own lives.

She has had years of experience with training Business corporations, education institutions, Government institutions and the Police force. She was involved with welfare work from a young age working with women in distress and HIV affected.

Sampoorna has met and has trained with pioneering teachers across the globe, including Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Dr Dick McHugh (NLP), Loic and Stephanie Leroy (Psycho-spiritual therapy), Dr. Patricia Crane (Heal Your Life), Colin Tipping (Radical Forgiveness), Cynthia Winton-Henry (Interplay), Jonathan Goldman, Don Campbell, Joshua Leeds (Sound work), S. N. Goenka (Vipassana meditation).

Passionate about the environment and sustainable living, she practices what she teaches, living a minimalist lifestyle.

She attributes her success in bringing mindfulness and balance into her daily life, to her regular practice of Vipassana meditation.

Sampoorna inspires people to connect within to their inner wisdom, love, joy and well-being.

Her vision for the next decade is to implement holistic programs for the treatment of physical illness and be a facilitator of well-being.

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