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Bharti M Verma - Anannd Utsav

Profile: Bharti M Verma

Bharti Verma, popularly known as Maa Divyam Shakti, who is the Founder Facilitator and Director of Anannd Utsav: Center for Holistic Wellness, conceptualised this meditation and healing centre way back in 2007. The journey from a homemaker to an entrepreneur has been transformative, inspiring and motivating. 14 years of managing a joint family set up as a traditional Indian bahu to finding one's own identity in an unconventional and lesser explored profession, not only unveils her courage of grit but also her strong will power and determination to showcase the inner compassion and beauty of a mother and a nurturer to the world. Her vision to spread happiness all around motivated her to learn alternative healing modalities that promote painless physical, mental and emotional healing.

From being a Bachelor of Science & MA post-graduate in Hindi to being an Osho sanyasin and facilitator for many modalities, the proprietor of Shilpagyaa- The art and craft gallery has come a long way. She is an ocean of knowledge and compassion, working towards uplifting humanity and empowering people everywhere. The list of her credentials is only a tip of the iceberg as it is incredible to fathom her depth of understanding and intuitive wisdom. Her pleasing smile and aura will mesmerize you and inspire to explore your innate potential and transform your lives.

Bharti is a woman of substance, she is full of life. Her vibrations can touch your life and elevate you to a different dimension. She is dynamic and forward moving and has a never give up attitude. This list of her accomplishments is endless, to name a few, she had been an expert on a regular Panel Discussion for Meditation & Yoga on channels like TV9 & GTPL. She has been featured in 'yourstory online news' as Women entrepreneur and has facilitated various healing and meditation workshops.

Knowledge becomes wisdom as you keep using the information and experiencing the challenges of life. She is a Naturopath, Meditation Facilitator, Access Bars & Access Body Process Facilitator, Access Symphony of Possibilities Practioner, Access Energatic Facelift Practioner, Graphologist and Signature Analyst, Aromatherapist, Master Numerologist, Vaastu Expert, Tarot Counsellor, Aura Analyst, Bach Flower Remedy Practioner, Crystal Therapist, Radikall Healer, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healer, Reiki & Pranic Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Temple Facilitator, also practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Core 2 Point Method, PSYCH-K, Sixth Sense, Theta DNA 2. She integrates energy work and is a holistic healer and wellness coach.

Her focus is not only the inner space (one's body, mind and soul) but also the outer space where one dwells. With expertise of Mahavastu and Geo engineering, she does balancing of inner and outer space with holistic approach.

She feels imense gratitude towards master OSHO and so many great teachers & facilitators across the world who have been a great credit to impart valuable knowledge and inspired her being to BE on this path of self-growth and of service to mankind.

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