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Inner Journeys

Profile: Abhishek Joshi

A Delhi NCR-based Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, Healer, psychic and channel, who has been working in the field of channelled spiritual direction since 1999. For that he channels both Buddha and Krishna energies. As a healer, he started his journey in 1997 with Pranic Healing, Reiki and several Energy healing modalities. Thereafter he was guided by his Spirit guides to Angelic Healing, and learnt several sacred healing modalities through Ascended Masters.

Subsequently, he left the corporate world, where he worked as a copywriter, to devote years to deepen his practice and eventually answer his true calling, teaching and healing. He trained in PLR under Dr Trupti Jayin, noted Past-life regression therapist and clinical psychologist. With whom he also learned NLP, EMDR, and EFT. He incorporates traditional wisdom of Vedanta, Buddhism, Christian and Hindu mysticism, besides Spiritual psychology, Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work, in his monthly Inner Journeys and Past life Regression workshops and retreats in Delhi, Patna, Rishikesh and elsewhere. A meditation teacher, he is also on-panel therapists at Zorba the Buddha, a prestigious spiritual centre in Delhi.

Profile: Priyanka Bhargava

A Patna-based Past Life Regression Therapist, Healer and Channel. Certified Angel Healer and Core-Somatic Integration Therapist. She also did her PLR Therapist certification under Dr Trupti Jayin, noted Past Life Regression therapist and clinical psychologist, with whom she has also learned, Neuro-linguistic programming NLP, EMDR, and EFT and other healing techniques. She also deals with the cases of foreign body attachments and does energy and space clearance.

She holds a degree in management and worked as assistant professor at a M.B.A college. She also ran her own Event Management company, before realising her true calling to help people heal and learn. She also runs private healing practice, and often travels to take healing sessions, to various cities.

Inner Journeys

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