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The Silva Method also known as Silva Mind Control is the world's most effective mind development and stress control system presented in 1966 by Jose Silva. The program teaches, through controlled relaxation, maximizing the use of the Logical Left Brain and the Creative Right Brain for positive dynamic changes in your life.

The Silva Method involves a series of lectures and mind-training exercises that blend the most effective concepts with the latest scientifically proven techniques in personal and spiritual growth. It is based on the knowledge that we are dualistic in nature; we are physical and we are spiritual. By training to learn to discern information accessed with our subjective senses, information that exists from the microcosm all the way to the macrocosm, we are able to solve problems of all kinds, regardless of whether they are rooted in the past, exist in the present or may exist in the future. Silva method is a result of 50 years of ongoing research. Presently the course is conducted in 131 countries in 29 languages worldwide. Already millions of people are Silva graduates. Benefits are documented by medical and psychological research, aided by the testimonials of Silva graduates .It is practical work shop of its kind, encompassing ancient concepts and modern research. The goal of the Silva Method is to teach how to use more of our brain and activate the untapped areas of the mind while learning to think, believe and behave in ways that will attract more of what we want in our living experience. With the Silva Method, millions have discovered the astounding power of the mind. It's time for people to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.


  • Improved health, energy, vitality and sleeping ability
  • INoidaeased creativity
  • Improved memory
  • Improved intuition
  • Improved understanding and application of intuition
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved self-acceptance
  • Improved habit control
  • Improved self-assurance; freedom from guilt
  • Improved social orientation, greater assertiveness and spontaneity
  • Improved cooperation with life and others
  • Improved physical self-image
  • Improved attitudinal change to enthusiasm
  • Improved personal integration of emotions and harmony in personal affairs
  • Improved adherence to social order
  • Improved family relationships
  • Improved use of dreams to solve problems

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