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Mr. Nawal Banthia

Profile: Nawal Banthia

Nawal Banthia is a Certified Access Bars Facilitator. He is committed to assisting & guiding anyone who comes for the classes, towards more consciousness. He has been guiding & facilitating people to create a different reality beyond this reality. A life beyond restriction, beyond boundaries & beyond limitations. He is a s a trusted tarot card reader & a spiritual healer and is committed to assisting & guiding you to bring your life back on track & to make you live life in pure bliss He possesses in-depth knowledge of tarot, pranic healing, distance healing, health & relationship.He has been helping people to de-stress their lives for quite a long time now. So far, he has helped more than 400-500 clients by solving their problems and advising them to make the best out of their current lives.

Nawal Banthia

Contact @ +91 9830 210 210

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