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Large number of people in India are not insured. It means that these people will not be able to seek quality medical care in times of need. Thus, there is lot to be done by the Government and the associated bodies in order to widen this pool of insured individuals.

The current scenario of health insurance in India shows that majority of people here are uninsured. It means that quality healthcare is not accessible to this pool of people and thus, is becoming one of the important causes for the backwardness of our nation. Very less number of people, constituting to 15% of population is insured and have an access to quality healthcare without any financial crunch. Thus, a lot needs to be work upon in this sector in order to improve the current scenario of healthcare and health insurance in India.

Government should look into this scenario and take immediate steps to help Indian people in availing quality medical treatment. All the associated bodies, such as IRDA, best health insurance provider and medical care provider should lend the helping hand.

Each and every health insurance provider needs to focus on healthcare needs of people while designing their products so that people could understand that these products are useful in times of medical emergency and thus, could buy the same. All the covered and uncovered perils should be clearly stated in the plan's terms and conditions so that people do not lose trust on a health insurance provider. The products designed team should take care that the products should be easy to understand. Until and unless people will not be provided the required coverage, they will not show interest in these products. Thus, health insurance providers have to an active role in this sector.

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