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Wellness Vacations

Ms. Geetha Sellamuthu - Sanghamitra Centre for Wellbeing

Sanghamitra Centre for Well Being was founded in 2000 to Educate, Enrich, Evolve and Empower you on your Self Exploratory journey in a safe, caring and compassionate environment in order that you may experience wellness, peace, healing, energy, and success in all levels of your life.

A great variety of courses pertaining to the Soul, Mind, and Body are taught at Sanghamitra both by myself and experts in the relevant field.

It may seem self-indulgent to take a health and wellness vacation simply to pamper yourself but growing numbers of travelers is seeing the great benefit in this idea. Relaxation is quickly becoming a lost art in our busy lives but most people are in desperate need of a health and wellness vacation for relaxation and renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Customize your wellness vacation according to your personal needs

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