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know about kaal sarp yoga

There are various myths about "Kaal Sarp Yoga". If Kaal Sarp yoga is in any person's horoscope then it is said that whether planets are well positioned or settled in horoscope the person faces the immense hindrance on the motivation of works with zeal and patience or whether he/she has a very good luck, but the obstructions will arises frequently due to Kaalsarp Yoga. Whereas if the Kaalsarp Yoga is in full swing it is said that even person belongs to royal family, he/she will be obsessed with disappointment, which will make his life desperate and miserable too. And due to factional Kaalsarp Yoga in person's horoscope, the person has to effort a lot to finish any work.

What is Kaal Sarp Yoga? There is controversy about kaalsarp yoga.

1 Kaal Sarp Yogas influence is from Rahu to Ketu or

2 It's influence from Ketu to Rahu?

Yoga which moves from Rahu to Ketu, which considered Rahu(Head) and Ketu(tail). Rahu effects every planet. The Rahu Ketu movement is always zigzag and ultimately with its curvedly movement Rahu influences the planets coming on it's path. This results in the formation of KaalSarp Yoga from Rahu to Ketu. If any one or two planets come out of path in Birth Horoscope, it creates the mean KaalSarp yoga.

Nowdays, there are various remedies for the KaalSarp Yoga viz -

1) To make and worship silver snake couple.

2) Mahamritunjay chant.

3) There are some temples which are consider to remove the ill-effects of the KaalSarp Yoga after performing the ritual pooja.

There is no logic to the worship of the silver snake couple. Because in the KaalSarp Yoga the Sarp(Snake) names indicate the movement of the Rahu Ketu in the zigzag modes like of a snake. Secondly the mahamritunjay chant is the Shiv Upasana the worship of lord shiva. Thirdly some temples rituals are considers to remove the ill-effects of KaalSarp Yoga but to whom to be worshiped, whereas head is consider Rahu and tail Ketu. If the tail(Ketu) is being cut and due to Ketu's zigzag movement the remaining planets would remains outside the tail. But the basic solution is not consider in the KaalSarp yoga. This makes the person aghast after going through the three above noted therapies and makes him depressed.

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