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Careers in Fitness and wellness....

The fitness industry is booming and, with so many people passionate about fitness and health and so many people who need help generating their own passion, it's no wonder that there's growing interest in fitness careers. Being a personal trainer is one option, but there are other options out there. Expand your horizons and learn about other ways to help people get healthy and fit.

Health or Wellness Coach

While personal trainers focus mostly on exercise, Wellness Coaching goes beyond personal training. Wellness Coaches look at the big picture, working with clients to develop health and fitness programs by looking at the obstacles that stand in the way of success. This is often more of a collaborative experience, with the coach encouraging the client to come up with their own goals and ideas.

A Wellness Coach offers advice and guidance about:

* Fitness

* Nutrition

* Weight management

* Stress reduction

* Health risk management

* Barriers to reaching fitness goals

When meeting with clients, you'll get to know them--find out what it is they need help with such as weight loss, eating habits, exercise and fitness, stress reduction, smoking cessation, etc. You'll help people manage conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes and you can even choose to work with special populations such as teens, kids, families, seniors, etc.

Benefits of Being a Wellness Coach

* Flexibility - You can work with your clients in person or by telephone, email or fax (or all three). Many Wellness Coaches do most of their work on the phone, which allows them to work with people in a variety of areas and situations.

* Opportunities - You can work with individuals or in a corporate environment, write books or articles, teach seminars and classes and work with personal trainers, doctors, dieticians, and other health professionals.

* Income - How much you make will depend on where you live and your experience and background.

* Personal Satisfaction - You'll feel good about helping clients reach their goals and you'll form relationships that go beyond basic personal training.


You don't need a special degree to become a Wellness Coach, however at the very least, you'll want to get certified. There are many coaching certification and degrees available.

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