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Law of Attraction

iempoweredlife - Mr. Ankur Rupani

Ankur is a Law of Attraction expert and spiritual life transformation coach. He has done his master's in spirituality and has helped thousands learn about meditation. And law of attraction. His teachings are based and inspired on the teachings of Abraham Hicks. Ankur has helped thousands learn about Abraham Hicks teachings and though his guided meditation and workshops he has helped people achieve alignment with source energy. To understand more about the teachings and how you can live a wonderful and empowered life full of joy happiness and vitality ease contact us at +91 98208 43769.

We offer workshops as well as online meditations as well. Workshops are conducted In Nashik and online meditations program you can do from Anywhere in the world.


Satvakirani is a decade old healing firm located in Mumbai specializing in core cause elimination issues through deep-rooted alternative healing modalities therapies and workshops. Satvakirani is managed by Kavita Israni and her son Veejay Israani

TransilienZ - Dr. Sachitra Kumar Chakravorty

Dr. Sachitra is an Author, Corporate Trainer, Law of Attraction Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Wellness, Success, Business & Life Coach. Dr. Sachitra was also conferred Rashtriya Vikas Ratna Award on Leadership...

What are you waiting for? Empower yourself by understanding the key concepts of the universal Law of Attraction and by learning simple, yet powerful processes and techniques to begin to deliberately create the life you desire. All of us are supported by the Universe, and when we open to being in the flow of well-being and abundance, life becomes easier, more satisfying, and joyful.

Are you ready to attract into your life new and more fulfilling experiences, improved relationships, greater abundance, and an enhanced sense of well-being?

The Law of Attraction, which is the most powerful law in the universe, basically says that "like attracts like." We live in a vibrational universe where everything, including our thoughts, are vibrations. Whatever we are giving our attention to or thinking about-whether or not it is something we wish to have in our experience-is drawn to us.

If your current life experience is not as you desire, then you have been creating by default which is what most people do. You can, however, easily begin to consciously and deliberately create a new reality for yourself-starting from where you are right now.

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