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Ms. Navnidhic Wadhwa

Navnidhic Wadhwa - Spiritual Life Coach, Counselor & Healer

Navnidhic is a gifted and intuitive psychic healer and neuro linguistic programming expert, who uses her intrinsic abilities to help you overcome the barriers to your personal and professional success. By applying her expertise in harnessing spiritual energy, she eliminates the negative strains of your cerebral disposition.

She works on your presuppositions about life, people and situations, and steadily converts them into positive thought vibrations. When you alter your thought strain, you begin to experience a positive change in situations at home and work. Spiritual healing is all about gaining consciousness and learning from your past actions, so that you can let go of what you should and replace them with positive belief patterns. Navnidhic helps you to unblock your life and guide you on the path to personal and professional success, along with good health. Once she removes your blockages and the negative energy pockets, your dreams and wishes will manifest themselves in a better form.

A complete believer in Free Will, Navnidhic feels that we all can change our destiny if we are ready to understand the reasons for our present condition and discover the positive curve in our lives.

Free your life from the shackles of your ingrained beliefs, and move ahead with renewed confidence and a new perspective. For an introductory consulting session with Navnidhic, please contact on: +91 84258 56357

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