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Radhika Chopra

Touched by life Author: Radhika Chopra

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Touched by life paradoxically begins with an account of the author's terrifyingly close brush with death. The incident made her aware of the fragility of life, and awakened a veritable volcano of insecurities within her. Thus began her quest for answers to some big fat existential questions. On this journey, she met many teachers and explored several healing and divination systems. The book records these adventures along with touching personal stories that chronicle Radhika's lessons in loving, caring and friendship.

It was in this phase of great physical, intellectual and emotional ferment that fate drew her to the person who became her guru. This was when her mind finally found a measure of rest.

It was as if a subtle magnetic pull were drawing her to the guru's feet who made it clear that she would have to discard all crutches.

It was finally the guru's grace, which gave her the freedom to find her personal truth and her voice.

She became aware that as she began to find light, she was also able to share it with others. Her own healing journey made it possible for her to heal others. As her own heart opened up, she found that she was able to guide many others who were looking for direction in their lives.

Touched by life records many stories of transformation that became possible for the author thanks to her own ordeal through fire. The book underscores the need for becoming more aware so that we can live consciously like the humans we are and not like automatons buffeted about by the waves of circumstance. Radhika asks her readers to be seekers if they wish to find their own life path.

Touched by life is in the final reckoning a story about the alchemical process of turning pain to light.

It is about honouring life by living in awe of it's sacredness .

Radhika Chopra

Profile: Radhika Chopra

Is Now the time to live a life you truly desire?

What if you can have simple, dynamic and pragmatic tools to change any area of your life?

Have you had enough of Pain, Suffering and Gory? Would You now like to have Ease, Joy and Glory?

What can I contribute to You to show You what You are capable of Being and Becoming?

Radhika Chopra practices Pythagoras system of numerology, Access bars, Access body processes and Energy transformation of bodies, health, and spaces, Facilitating classes on Bars, Body process, Energetic facelift classes and Right Voice for You Taster. In addition she also practices Quantum Healing, Tarot reading, Graphology. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist and a Past Life Regression therapist.

Radhika has had years of experience gained through personal exploration, training, and apprenticeship with leaders in the healing art. Throughout the years, she had the opportunity to connect with, and often help, a diverse socio-economic population with a range of physical and mental wellness. She is an experienced, gifted facilitator of healing for individuals,children, couples,corporates, and groups. Using the healing arts of Mind/Body/Spirit in a caring environment, she support individuals along life's journey, through an intuitive, empathetic, eclectic approach to create an integrated and transformational experience.She have been practicing different life changing and life enhancing modalities.

Radhika Chopra offers private sessions of the Bars, Body processes, Numerology, Energy transformation . She is currently living in Mumbai and travels to other cities on invitation.

Skype Counseling, Quantum Healing sessions and also learn Numerology on-line.

Radhika Chopra

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