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Isn't there a part of you that is curious about something, but you are not sure what that something is? Do you wonder if you are on the right spiritual path? Are you feeling like there should be more to this? You ask yourself, "why am I here" and "what is my purpose?"

To Live Spiritual means you have connected with your Source Energy.

People call it different things, like Inner Being, Higher Self, God Self, and Spirit.

It does not matter what you call it, we all have it.

Once you have connected with your source energy, you are at peace with yourself and the world around you.

My intent for this site is that "You" find what you are looking for and start living the life you have always desired. Whether you believe it or not, you choose to be born into this lifetime.

Why? You wanted to experience the vastness we have on earth for learning and spiritual growth.

You also choose your parents for your learning process. In fact, everyone that comes into your life serves a learning process for your spiritual growth.

From your siblings to your teachers to your friends and coworkers, you attract them all into your life.

Whatever the learning experience may be, it will move you to a higher level of spirituality once you get it. Once you open your heart and let go of the ego that dominates us most of the time, you will connect more easily with source energy.

You can achieve this by listening to your intuition, also called your inner voice.

In today's fast paced society, you have to slow down and listen to your inner voice for guidance. This guidance comes from a higher power - your source energy - which is a direct connection to God, and it will never steer you wrong.

We are living in a wonderful new age where we are experiencing spiritual awareness worldwide. We are coming aware that there is something more than our physical bodies and that we are an extension of source energy.

In fact, our bodies are energy fields that we all share with each other, animals, nature, God, and the universe.

Something that you asked for lead you to my website. I hope you find the answers you seek within these pages.

Remember that no matter what stresses you are currently going through in your life, you have the power within you to turn things around and make it better. All you have to do is ask for guidance, quiet your mind, and listen.

I hope you join me on this wonderful spiritual journey. It promises to be a pleasant, yet refreshingly awakening experience.

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