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Ankur Rupani

Ankur Rupani

Ankur is a spiritual life transformation coach and has helped thousands to achieve emotional alignment with self and find joy happiness and live powerfully and energetically.

He is a SAT, GRE GMAT coach and counselor for US and a Mind power and success coach. He has helped many students and professionals over the years to achieve academic, professional and overall success. The meditations he has developed have helped many become relaxed, focused, positive and stress free and productive. He hols a B.Tech in Engineering from IIT - BHU - Varanasi, Masters in Engineering from University of Maryland and a Masters with a focus on Experiential and holistic Education from University of Naropa. USA.

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1. I have benefitted immensely from the mind power programme. Perhaps the most helpful part are the FOCUS meditation CDs with tracks of approximately 10 minutes each. I have seen improvements in all areas of my life - from the most visible such as academics, competitive exams, and multiple Ivy League college acceptances in the US, along with reaping other benefits such as the ability to concentrate for extended periods of time and deal with increasing workloads and pressures.

Agni Bhattacharya Student at TISB Admissions and scholarships from IVY league colleges Accepted the offer from John Hopkins.

2. Hi Ankur,

I will not hesitate a bit, before admitting that it is the Mind Power programme and the daily investment of 15 minutes to do the FOCUS meditations helped me score 710 in GMAT on 9th dec,2010. I was attempting the GMAT after a gap of 18 years since my graduation and faced serious trouble in motivating myself for the tough task ahead. Though very simple, the technique turned out to be very powerful and improved my focus & grit multi fold. The vision board with 700 as the target was pasted right in front of my study table, reminding me the goal at all times. Thank you very much. You have a very powerful technique and I wish FOCUS helps many more in future.

Cheers: Dinesan K. Gangadharan

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