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Dr. Shubhra Nautiyal Punetha

Profile: Dr. Shubhra Nautiyal Punetha

A keen interest in Psychology and the nature of the Human Psyche led Dr. Shubhra to pursue Post graduate training in Psychiatry. However, she realised that conventional treatment of mental illnesses with allopathy was not sufficient in treating the "disease" and definitely not the person. The length of treatment, adverse effects of psychotropic drugs and too much dependency on them led her on a pursuit of other alternative modalities of therapies.

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy, she found that the role of past life issues and events buried deep in our sub-consciousness when addressed, brought us closer to the identifying and resolving core problems, in drugless manner. Along with it she underwent extensive training in Angel therapy, Crystal therapy, Redikall healing, Aura photography and understanding of Metaphysical aspects of illnesses in this period. The realisation that all therapy needs to be integrative and focussed on the Body, Mind and Spirit, led her to approach each patient with a combination of therapies.

A chance encounter with a Biochemic (tissue salt) practitioner led her to extensively study the use of the 12 tissue salts in treating common acute and chronic illness. With absolutely no adverse effects, Biochemic therapy has proven its efficacy in treating various ailments. Depending on the intensity of illness it can treat the ailment alone and on integrating it with allopathy it reduced the need for increased usage of drugs, much to my joy and relief as a doctor.

Realising the major role of our beliefs in maintenance of our health as well as illnesses, led her to look for answers in Theta healing and Access Consciousness.

Dr. Shubhra finds that all these therapies form a complementary approach in the management of illness of the mind and body. Her approach to the client is to offer an integrative therapy - healing the body through the mind and spirit. The journey to health begins with awareness of our emotions and thoughts, which are related to our social - genetic - historical - soul beliefs!

She uses Access Bars and Tissue Salt Remedies extensively in her daily practice


  • Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator
  • Dip in Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • PG Dip. in Preventive & Promotive Health
  • Theta Healing Practitioner (THiNK, USA)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist( former CHI of India)
  • Psychiatrist
  • Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy
  • Redikall Healing, Aura Photography

E mail :

Contact @: +91 9538725777

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