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Dr. Annapoorna Bhat

Dr. Annapoorna is an authorised ayurvedic consultant for ISRO - INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION, Mangalore since 15 years AND IISc - INDIAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE - Mangalore since 10years. She is also a visiting professor at SRIRAGHAVANDRA AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHITRADURGA.

Mr. Nawal Banthia

Nawal Banthia is a Certified Access Bars Facilitator. He is committed to assisting & guiding anyone who comes for the classes, towards more consciousness. He has been guiding & facilitating people to create a different reality beyond this reality.

PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY : "Pranic Psycotherapy is a powerful tool in healing psychological ailments and can be used to complement clinical psychology and psychiatry."

- Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Psychotherapy is used to heal emotional and mental imbalances by pranic healing techniques. . Stress may lead to simple anxiety to severe depressionwhich may hinder day today work.. The psyche , which is believed to be partly biological, partly spirit, will be influenced by constant fluctuations of mood, drives, attitudes, inspirations, conflicts, beliefs,needs, memories, habits, traumas, etc.These Negative emotions and traumatic experiences lodge as negative thought forms and negative emotional energies in the aura and in the critical energy centers. These energies are very difficult to release.

Pranic Psychotherapy brings the ability to release these crippling energetic patterns quickly and safely. PP IS one of THE MOST EFFECTIVE energy tools that promote and maintain etheric, emotional, mental hygine. I t has both curative and long range preventive benefits.

PP can be applied to heal

  • anxiety,
  • stress,
  • phobias,
  • traumas,
  • psychic contaminations,
  • depression,
  • addiction,
  • obsessions,
  • compulsions,
  • tension
  • Irritability
  • Grief
  • mentally retarded,etc.VERTIGO

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