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Ms. Aparna Sharma - Anantham Mind Studio

Anantham Mind Studio - Interact; Innovate; Inspire

Where the purpose is to empower human minds through wellness workshops, training programs and life coaching.

You are a being and a co-creator of your own reality. Take charge of your creation and create miracles in every moment of your life

Anantham Mind Studio offer a great opportunity for everyone who wish to improve their mind health, well being and strive towards fulfilling their full potential. Anantham is a place not only to promote a mental and physical well being, but also a platform to spread awareness amongst young adolescents through various life skill programs. At Anantham you can witness a mismatched workshops and tailor made programs to build awareness on challenges faced by minds. Their aim is to work WITH you, not FOR you; to see YOU as a unique individual who can benefit from a multi-dimensional approach that nurtures all levels of being: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

At Anantham Mind Studio, various workshops are offered, that promote inner harmony and well-being. The Studio seeks to promote the general well-being of all persons by providing activities and educational workshops that increase understanding of healing processes and their application that aid self awareness and insight. Their multi-dimensional approach, embodies intuitive as well as trained skills that have been developed over the many years. Their emphasis on personal development and years of experience has provided them with powerful healing and teaching skills that lead others on a practical and grounded path of awakening.

They offer a range of affordable treatments that are relaxing, invigorating and help alleviate pain from numerous mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Treatments are tailor made to suit each individual. To discuss your own specific needs and to arrange a consultation please do not hesitate to contact Anantham Mind Studio. Confidentiality guaranteed.


  • Adolescent Counselling
  • Parent mentoring
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Mudra Meditation


  • Responsible Child Care
  • Neuro Linguistic Program
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

Aparna Sharma - Profile

Aparna Sharma has more than 18 years of expertise in imparting training.

Aparna is a Life coach, parenting coach with Love Humanity International,USA, EFT and matrix Reimprinting Practitioner with Vitality Living College.UK. She is a NLP Practitioner and Coach. She is also an Access Bars facilitator and a Pranic Healer.

Aparna is a exceptional and natural healer and has a passion for empowering others through her training and life coaching programs. Being a linguistic, is an added advantage of understanding a human behaviour and work closely to the needs of an individual for promoting their well-being through empowering.

Her training programs and workshops are interactive with role plays and through experiential learning. She is known for her creative involvement of spreading awareness by teaching forms of abuse and adolescent challenges. Her long experience of working with children on challenges faced to enable her to work more intricately in terms of empowering themselves. Behaviour management workshops with children are most sought after.

Her clients Include SOS INDIA, Savitri Devi Polytechnic College, Kalka Public School, Mec Convent, Sahayam Charitable trust, Corporates like IITG. Jobs, professional individuals - teachers, psychologists, Doctors, therapists, corporate executives, home makers and many others.

Join Aparna to experience YOU in this journey towards INFITINITE POSSIBILITIES

Corporate Mentoring Program with Alternative Modalities

Based on the present need of the executives at large for the company in terms of their well being on professional and personal life, their professional performance and setting and achieving goals can be worked out for each individual through the Coaching and mentoring programs.

The Coaching program helps an individual or group to set goals. Reframe challenging situations for better outcome. Basically NLP is how you think and how this arrangement of thoughts affects or influences your behaviour.

And this mentoring and coaching program will take through different aspects of behaviours and communication challenges and show you how you think so that you can change the way you think if you need a different result. The program also shows that motivation depends on triggering your mind with the goals and desires.

The Coaching and Mentoring are undertaken as perceptual intelligence program, where emphasis laid on experiences that change you almost at the unconscious(deep) level to bring difference to the surface level. To set individual and groups to take pragmatic look at the most disempowering beliefs to make way to new understanding of self and others to empower the leader in you.

Contact: Aparna Sharma @ +91 95821 63068

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